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Obama Just Won the Election, Unless Ron Paul Runs Third Party and Wins

The US has not seen a candidate like Ron Paul perhaps since JFK. For his confrontation of established powers which mock our republic, and for devotion to simple truth, few candidates in modern history have been so able to stir us with a vision of what we could be.

JFK said he would like to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind." Ron Paul tells us that the bankers behind multi-trillion dollar bail-outs and behind the Federal Reserve are driving the country to economic catastrophe, sooner rather than later. He tells us that if we ended the Fed's ability to endlessly print money, there would be no way to pay for the wars, and the wars would end. And nearly alone Ron Paul stands in defense of our rights according to the US Constitution.

For the list of grievances here, we assert Ron Paul has been cheated, blind-sided, back-stabbed and robbed by the Republican Party of his chance for the Republican nomination for president of the United States. We invite reporters and historians to study the record, and at last reveal to the American people the extent of the skulduggery. Ron Paul and his supporters owe the Republican Party nothing.

Among these grievances are:

- Stolen early primaries through vote-flipping,

- Delegates disenfranchised in multiple states,

- Media falsely reporting that Paul had "lost his chance" to be nominated at the convention after the Nebraska state convention, when the fact that he was in nomination and votes were cast for him show this was clearly a lie.

- Physically violent Brownshirt behavior against Paul supporters in Louisiana and other states,

- Paul not even accorded basic courtesy of having his votes read out loud at convention, which prompted surprise and disapproval even from live commentator Wolf Blitzer.

A fuller list and direction for further exposition can be seen at the article "How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul."

We believe Ron Paul, who does well with youth, with anti-war progressives, with true fiscal conservatives, and with all of us who still hold the Constitution dear, would present the most potent third party force in American history.

We therefore, to paraphrase the Founders of the Republic to whom we compare Dr. Paul, place our lives, our liberty, and our sacred honor behind a Ron Paul third party run. To those who will undoubtedly ignore hypocrisy and conclude that Ron Paul has not lost well, let one thing be eminently clear. Ron Paul did not abandon the Republican Party. The Republican Party abandoned Ron Paul. Let this be hereby resolved on this day, August 28th, 2012.

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yea, well, what to do about it now?

you can't wait until the convention to get angry, the damage is done. the time to have "done something" was Iowa. the RNC set the stage for a dirty fight, and the Paul people did nothing about it. Was this on purpose? I don't know, but the old adage rings true: Nice guys finish last.

alan laney


I'd sign that! I don't think Ron will run 3rd party/Independent, but I do believe the GOP, either knowingly, or unknowingly, just threw the election to 0bama.

Beautiful Post

We have to break the cycle of tyranny. America is a reflection of her morals and she is not doing so well. We need a return to reverence to God as our primary mission. We cannot stand by apathetically or give up. We are the future. The question is where/how to start. I think that occupy, tea parties, liberty movements are such a threat to the elite and they have been seemingly crushed. If all of us ants unite.. it's over for the grasshoppers.

Just wondering is there a petiton

circulating anywhere?

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali