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Thank You Dr Paul

I want to be the first to give a shout out to my mentor, educator, and friend, Dr. Ron Paul. You Sir have fought the good fight, and you have not lost. You are personally responsible for the recruitment of millions of freedom loving Americans the past many years. For me, I came alive back in the summer of 2007 when I stumbled upon a video of you. It was love at first sight. Today, I am saddened, but not angry or broken- hearted after seeing that many people still have not caught the vision, nor do they understand the meaning of true liberty of which you have relentlessly and untiringly have worked hard to enlighten them. And you continue on despite the losses. Do not be dismayed at some of your supporters criticism. You alone have carried the torch for decades; I look around now and see small candles being held up in the dark to light the way for those yet lost. But they will be found, and they will make their way to the light as they realized what true liberty is all about. So rest easy, my friend, you have earned a reprieve. We your "children" shall take up your mantle and continue to "change minds, without changing the message".

with much love,
peggy b.

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love you Ron!! you changed my

love you Ron!! you changed my life and i can never go back. ill will forever be a beacon of liberty to all those around me spreading the good word of Ron Paul and Thomas Jefferson.

Thank you Dr. Ron Paul

for standing firm against the tide of corruption and greed sweeping the planet. Thank you for giving us all a place to rally and to stand with you for integrity, courage, high principles, and love. None of us can ever again join the lemmings rushing to the sea. Thank you for all the lessons and for teaching us to see with eyes wide open. We can only go forward now with what you have taught us all. And so it will be.

God Bless you Ron Paul.
From Canada with love.

Thank You Dr Paul

For all that you have done

You have inpired so many, and woken the world up to a better way, You have shown the people what It means to live in freedom.

You have created the beginnings of a future world living in Freedom and Peace.

We will never Give Up, We will take back ALL parties, These evil physcopaths will not continue to dictate this world!

For Peace, Love, and Freedom

Thank You Ron Paul!



Thank you Dr. Paul

Your passion for integrity and the Constitution brought me back into politics with one impassioned speech.. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to open my eyes to your leadership but I'm awake now and there is no going back to sleep. I will do my best to work towards the ideals that you set before us and share those ideals with others. You have impressed me so much in every word I ever heard you say... I'm sad yes because a winner should win.. and losers should lose but the road is long and we are on it.

thank you for your message and for opening my eyes to it~

Garnet Whitman Hampton

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Dr. Paul,

I want to thank you for fighting alone for so long. Thank you for all of your speeches that have opened my eyes to the truth around me. Thank you for never giving up. I believe that God has blessed you- with your family, your integrity and with the MANY hearts and minds that you have touched with your teachings. I hope you really do get to enjoy your retirement now as you have certainly earned it. God bless you with all that you do from here on.

~Your perception becomes your reality~


Thanks Doc!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"