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Advice Please!

For expressing my opinions, I have been labeled everything under the sun: "She's a liberal, just like her momma." "You sound like a Republican." "So...you're a democrat then?" I like to think of myself as undefinable, existing somewhere in the gray area, neither this, neither that, something you just can't quite put your finger on...An Independent with Conservative leanings. Then I found Ron Paul and came of age, so to speak, in my political ideals. Finally, someone who could speak the truth about history, about foreign policy, about our corrupt monetary system that let my middle-class parents to go bankrupt to raise 5 kids, meanwhile bailing out the reckless banksters at the top.

After the exhiliration of caucusing for Ron Paul earlier this year, I have been considering becoming a PCO and taking the GOP by the balls at the local level. But my question is: is it worth the effort to try and transform the sheeple mentality of the GOP from within, or is there a better way to focus this growing urge that something just has to be done and I am the only one willing to do it? Should the GOP rot in hell like it deserves after these despicable election cycle shenanigans or do I work on making politics more inviting for the youth who are going to be inheriting the consequences of these failed attempts at having a true Republican process? Any advice is appreciated!

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Don't go to change people, that never works.

Go and set and example that others would be proud to follow.

That's how I see Dr. Paul's efforts. Oh yeah, and spread the message of liberty.

Free includes debt-free!

The strategy is to work one of the two main parties that the

game has been set up to be played by.

That is what Dr. Paul has done.

It's about taking those gonads aggressively, but wrapped with conservative and professionally maneuvering and presentation.


Easy to get youth in if you believe in Ron Paul's views. You have to be sneaky and on the down low when you get around the old guard. You have to ease them into your ideas until it is like normal thinking for them. Look what happened with Audit The Fed.