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Cheat, Lie, and Disenfranchise

This is the Republican Party and these are their tactics.
It is Democratic too!

How do they sleep at night?

They objectify
They think they are doing nothing wrong
They are trashing all of our freedoms; again and again

Changing the rules as they wish. Are they blind?

Take over; we say, but how
Take over, or START OVER?

Paid to attend conventions; and play by the rules, what rules?

Do they even know what the Republic is?

Delegates: we love you and thank you for your work and your vote. To ALL delegates keep going, protect yourselves from becoming one of them.

They use shallow words in their speeches, hallow in their promises. Keep your integrity, your honor, your words be of truth.... ALWAYS!!

What happened to integrity?
What happened to a handshake?
Does it mean anything to these people?

Well, it means something to me.

It starts with each of us to keep our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our freedoms in tact. Keep going, keep talking, keep blogging, keep posting, keep your video rolling and informing. Please keep writing letters to the editors, keep calling; emailing; faxing; your representatives and then if they will not agree, become your representative. Keep researching the candidates or become a candidate. We may feel angry, defeated, or accomplished in ways, but either way we must keep going.

Thank you for being my constitutional family. Thank you for listening to my rant. Thank you for ALL of your hard work and continued success with the awakening of a nation. Thank you for supporting Dr. Ron Paul, the REAL leader.

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Sorry, I thought by the title

Sorry, I thought by the title that this was a thread on how to get away with it.


Reince Priebus.

Thanks for the chuckle, all I have been wanting to do today is

get out a punching bag paste a lot of faces on their and go to town.! ;0)

Ron Paul is a one of a kind man with integrity and fortitude.

Ron Paul you are my President!!