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The perception of unity

Any typical establishment Republican who says that this party is united is just out of their minds.

Any right mind who watched the Republican National Convention today could see that Mitt Romney had no damn support at all. My television was turned up loud, as loud as I would turn it up to hear Ron Paul speak, and between the doctor's rally at the Sun Dome and this convention, the noise made hear by Romney supporters was pathetic.

When the credentials report was called to question, it was clear to me that the yays and nays were split -- some would say that the nays had it. Of course, Reince Priebus ruled in favor of an establishment base that probably voted on something they didn't even understand was about. Everything that was suggested to them, they took as bait.

When points of order were screamed out, they were ignored. Any idiot would have understood why Ron Paul delegates were given the cheap seats: to give some fictional sense of unity.

Then came the adoption of the rules. I knew the nays had this one for sure, yet speaker Boehner ruled in favor of the establishment-created rules.

And in the midst of all this, those who voted in favor had the nerve to chant "USA" as if justice was being served. What free country leaves the voting and delegate process in the hands of one human being?

Oh the logic.

Thanks to these people, elections will now be ran on wealth and it will not change unless we continue this movement.

The Republican Party calls themselves a bottom-up party that allows the American people to create their own wealth and prosperity instead of the government.

That bottom-up process was destroyed today. Grassroots activists, in presidential elections, will seemingly have little to no effect on outcomes because delegates will now be selected by the candidate themselves.

The hypocrisy in this party has gone too far, and they dare call themselves "united?"

The rules passed today represent the largest power grab in party history and will surely turn off their own voters.

A convention that was split on credentials is somehow unified. A convention split on rules is somehow unified.

Tell me, GOP establishment, did you see any unity from tonight? Because I sure as hell didn't, and I plan to ensure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will not become the next President and Vice President of America.

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