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We will win in the end

Like many I have been really angered and discouraged as of late. Not just with the national stage, but also with the ignorance, immorality and pigheadedness of my local GOP. I had Dr. Paul's speech from the Sun Dome streaming through my car audio when I had to take a long drive yesterday and was lifted up by his optimism in the face of all odds.
We stand at an unprecedented point in human history. In many ways I don't know that the potential for great global darkness and tyranny has ever been greater, but at the same time, neither has the communication of ideas been so easy. Truly we have it a heck of a lot easier than the pampleteers that helped to spawn our first great revolution. We certainly can amass greater numbers to effect change in a far more rapid fashion than could the revolutionaries. And like them, we often times face a complacent and ignorant people who don't want to participate in the heavy lifting to effect real change but just want to be left alone. Like in revolutionary times though, the noose of government tyranny is getting tighter and tighter, and many who would once want to leave well enough alone are ready to take action. We must be in the front lines of this fight and be well informed and able to articulate the principles of liberty and limited government. I am presently in Canada and have been quite surprised to find that the yearnings for liberty and the disgust with big government are not unique to America. The principles of freedom resonate globally in the human heart and contrary to our government's belief, they are not transmitted through bombs and sanctions, but through discourse from one concerned citizen to another. We must continue this fight not just for ourselves, but for posterity. It is my belief that God created an orderly universe, one in which actions have reactions, and results are measureable in every field of study. We cannot as a country, or a world for that matter, continue on as we are without facing horrendous repercussions. We will either convince enough people of the truths of the principles of liberty and reach a threshold where real change can be brought about, or those very truths will serve up disasterous consequences that will force civilization to rebuild. I prefer the former, let's fight on.