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Video of the Nevada delegate naming the six states who nominated Ron Paul at the RNC

See also: Nevada Delegation From The Floor (Video)


"Six states nominated the Champion of the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul, for President of the United States - Iowa, Minnesota, Alaska, Virgin Islands, Oregon … and Nevada. In the Spirit of Freedom that inspired the founding of our country and in Honor of the Liberty that has made the United States the greatest country on earth,

… We proudly cast 17 votes for Congressman Ron Paul …" ~ Wayne Terhune

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Wayne Terhune did a great job

Wayne Terhune did a great job reading the speech his daughter Jennifer wrote (just minutes before announcing our vote totals). I had two requests of Wayne; let me stand next to you with my Oath Keepers gear on when you are giving your speech and... somewhere in the speech say "the champion of the constitution". Wayne being an Oath Keeper himself said absolutely. Thank you Wayne for your dedication and hard work.

Love being a Minnesotan!

Great job delegates and kudos to Marrianne Stebbins who never backed down!

.....aaand 5 for Romney

(with obvious disgust).

LMAO....regardless of all the cheating to hear those three states promote the real winner, and Minnesota absolutely did it best, was worth watching that disgusting roll call 50 times.


That is priceless... I did not notice the way Wayne said the romney vote total (even though I was standing next to him). Can't stop laughing at this.

Love these people.

Love these people.

help me understand...

If we turned in 6 states with a plurality for Dr. Paul (IA, MN, NV, AK, ME, OR)... Why did AK, ME, OR not vote with a plurality for RP?

IA(22) MN(33) and NV(17) certainly voted with a plurality for Paul, but ME=6 votes, AK=9 votes, and OR only 4 votes...?


Because moving and voting are two different things.

Bound delegates (where we did NOT control the delegation or delegation chairmanship) had their votes cast for Romney, whether they wanted to or not.

But bound delegates could still MOVE for nomination.

Thence, the difference.


Sorry guys

Oregon: 4 Paul, 1 Santorum, 23 Romney

Virgin Islands: 1 Paul, 8 Romney

you can still vote to enter a name

Before the new rules that passed with a questionable "majority" by Boehner's ears and ignoring cries for a division count, you could vote/sign to have RP entered into nomination even if your state said you should actually vote to endorse someone else due to proportional or winner-take-all rules. At least that's how I understand it... so the Alaska people, for example, were mostly RP people or at least thought he should be allowed to speak and be entered into nomination even though they ultimately didn't vote for him.

A family dentist from rural Nevada...

....with the exception of the experience of elected office, the profiles line up almost exactly....

Dr. Wayne Terhune, the next Ron Paul (if you can even convince him to run)!

Well done delegates! Thank

Well done delegates! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the cause of liberty.

"Quod scripsi scripsi."

I literally laughed out loud

When that wench just yelled "five for Romney" and pretended the 17 RP votes weren't cast.

Nevada. 5. Romney. What about

Nevada. 5. Romney.
What about the other 22 votes you hack?

Jon Stewart will crush them.

Jon Stewart will crush the rinos.

Who is the gentleman speaking?

How do we send him a thank you? And to all delegates...thank you!!

Wayne Terhune...

is that man's name, and he is a boss!

"Freedom is not just a word, it is a way of life"

Do you understand that? Do you hear that RNC!!



With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Hey Thanks... She had the best saying line today

"We run a fair convention with integrity"

Hey, thanks for the upload.

That was great.

Can you post Minnesota also?

Mox News uploaded it.