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Video compilation of votes cast for Ron Paul at the RNC

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the Georgia Announcement

While watching live they cut the mic the first time when she tried to speak the votes for Ron Paul. I heard laughing and a male voice say nice cut imo I thought it was a mic in the control room.

Because the mic was cut the counter had to ask the speaker from Georgia to repeat her states delegate vote.

That made my blood boil

This whole thing was a sham.

Tin Pan

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Such an awesome event

My four children, aged 13, 11, 10 & 8, watched the whole thing. (They attend a public (charter) school but are schooled at home too.)

Some lifelong lessons were learned before my very eyes!

1. My 13 year old was ticked beyond all means that I was still sticking with the guy that has a history of losing and that I hadn't jumped on the winning ticket by now. Once again, we had to sit there all over again and watch Ron Paul lose. He left the room in disgust after the third or fourth state was announced. He did find excuses to walk past the room every fifteen minutes, long enough to express disgust that the word "others" was used next to the word "Romney." After all, the other player should at least have his name up there too. Especially when it's Ron Paul.

2, The three younger kids sat there, excitedly watching the counts come down state by state, listening through the gibberish from the reps of the states that "proudly" delivered delegates for the "future President of the United States" (they are well aware polls show Romney will lose against Obama), hearing words like "constitution" and "liberty" being used to refer to the Creator of Obamacare & not Ron Paul. "What copycats," they said. That is when I told them, "Kids, this is what real-life dinasours look like. Get a good look because they'll be extinct one day."

3. For me, I can rest assured knowing that today my children received an education in civics that can never be taught in any classroom in any university on this planet. I'm so much closer to reaching my goal of turning the monthly meetings for the Republican party into an enjoyable family affair. Thank you, Ron Paul & my fellow patiots.


The last bottle of Ron Paul Cola ...

Watching this made me reach in the fridge and pop open my last bottle of Ron Paul Cola from 2008 in victory celebration! "The 190", as they forever should be remembered,are the most beautiful, heroic patriots in the country today. I am so proud of and thankful to all of our delegates and alternates who overcame every obstacle, endured every indignity, and persevered to the very end in order to place Dr. Paul's name in nomination casting 190 votes for liberty. We did not lose today. We won in a landslide!

Absolutely delicious. I liked

Absolutely delicious. I liked the last guys intro.

Thank you...

for putting this on Daily Paul. I missed seeing it on television. How about that Ron Paul vote count from Minnesota? Yeah Marianne Stebbins and all the RP delegates from MN and the other states who held firm!

Minnesota Mary


ron paul should have been the nominee

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thank you to each RP delegate who stood firm


As disappointing as today was,

As disappointing as today was, I really loved hearing the chants, "5 VOTES RON PAUL!"

It appears to me

that the GOP rendered itself irrelevant today. RP should have nominated from the floor.

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