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Why voting for gary johnson is important. (and why you liking him is irrelevant)

Personally , i dont like gary johnson , he seems fake to me.

Either way it doesnt matter. What we need is a third voice in the debates.

People all around this country want obama booted out of office , but many of these same people know they are eating a turd by electing romney.

We need to make sure gary johnson gets into those debates at all costs.

Not for a liberty future , or a ron paul future , or whatever thing you can think of.

But for a DIFFERENT future from the back and forth bullshit we have been dealing with.

How do we go about assuring that man has a podium at these debates?

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Please go launch GJ campaign somewhere else instead of

squarely in the middle of Ron Paul's successful campaign. Al the arguments for jumping ship are extremely weak at best and idiotic on the average.

I can't believe how much time, energy and real estate here on the DP is wasted dealing with a few GJ supporters hell bent on proselytizing Ron Paul supporters. From my perspective the GJ campaign has been unscrupulous right from the very beginning when county leaders here in Florida began spreading lies about Ron paul dropping out of the race in jan. 2012. Flat out lies to proselytize Ron Paul supporters, because they were too lazy to go out and win their own sheeple over to liberty.

If GJ had integrity he would have shut down this deceitful strategy a long time ago.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

"Personally , i dont like gary johnson , he seems fake to me. "

What a gem that is.

Uh fuck Gary.. If I don't think he's being true, I'm not voting for him. People like you, if you're actually a Liberty supporter to begin with (which I seriously doubt because your "logic" smacks of repube mentality), are the way they erode a movement. Weak minds and weaker principles, willing to compromise at the drop of a hat, with no self-respect nor respect for what Liberty really means.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Regardless of who we vote

Regardless of who we vote for, I only think our votes will be wasted if we give in and vote for Romney or Obama. I urge us to all get on the same page and vote for one candidate to clearly send the message: we are tired of what we are getting. If Gary Johnson gets our vote, he is still better than Romney. The message needs to be sent to the Republican party that says anyone but Obama doesn't cut it, we want real change.


And writing in "Ron Paul" will not have this effect and will go un-noticed.

Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode has more class and loves liberty more than Gary Johnson. Both have libertarian leanings but Virgil has more experience and love for the Constitution. I am not endorsing him yet, for I have not thought of anyone but Paul and will probably be writing his name in though it is considered a waste by some. I will not even consider Johnson, who has increasingly irritated me when my candidate was in the biggest fight of his Career. Virgil did not use the opportunity to come to Tampa and try to weasel votes away from Doctor Paul. Johnson goofed and his followers are turn coats for not waiting till a more appropriate time. You have turned me off for good and Goode. The Constitution Party stands up for the constitution. I will remain a republican for my local races and help my fellow Nevadans, who have become heroes in the Republican Party and the Liberty Movement. I fear there will never be another Ron Paul for this generation......He has become as a founding father.

This will not advance our cause

"But for a DIFFERENT future from the back and forth bullshit we have been dealing with."

Okay the one thing missing is any argument for how abandoning principle and promoting this faker will help our cause one bit.

Gary Johnson has never done anything to give us hope that he will advance our cause in the debates. He can't even answer questions about the Fed.

Find me a candidate who understand the role of the Fed and then maybe it might be worth our time to fight to get him into the debates.

Why do people keep saying that we need to endorse this faker in order to help our cause, and then not provide any convincing arguments as to HOW this will actually help our cause?

Foreign Policy.

His foreign policy alone is enough for me to not vote for him. Although, I do support most of his positions, I cannot support that.

The Revolution Continues..

How many times

have we heard people say they wouldn't vote for Ron Paul because of his foreign policy?
"We've really come a long way, haven't we?" (sarc)
Just stay home on Nov. 6th or write in Paul's name and have it thrown away, or send a message and vote libertarian.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Most of us have come along way

it seems you're still stuck on stupid.

As the person below puts it.. One is bullshit and the other is truth. I can support Dr.Paul for his truth.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I know why I don't like

I know why I don't like Gary's foreign policy. People saying against Dr Paul is just a cliche and a soundbite.

Johnson supports humanitarian wars. NO war is humanitarian, no matter how you want to sell it. Let's kill thousands of these, to help a thousand of these. I will never condone violence except in defense.

People only say they don't support Ron's because Fox news drills it into their narrow minds. People being conditioned into thinking war is just because we're America, is in no way conceivably the same as opposing violence.

So don't spew your rhetoric at me by comparing apples and oranges.

The Revolution Continues..

Sorry Sir, I will be casting

Sorry Sir,

I will be casting my vote for the only man I could in good conscious say was worthy of the office. "Ron Paul" will be written on my ballot and most likely every other ballot I cast while that man is alive.

If its not enough that Gary

If its not enough that Gary supports a 23% national sales tax which would force every small business to become a federal tax collector and every citizen to become a welfare recipient....Or that he is pro-abortion...Or that he wants a federal mandate that states recognize gay marriage...Or that he supports "humanitarian" foreign wars.. If none of that is enough....Listen to this interview and see if you still think Gary is a good libertarian candidate. He may be even worse than Barr was in 2008. Set aside 30 minutes and listen to this. It's painful.


Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

In case you haven't noticed Ron Paul is the one everyone is

talking about. He is also still leading the liberty movement, Ron Paul is still actively running a very successful presidential campaign. And he drawing larger crowds than anyone else. Ron Paul is also one of the most searched for names on the internet. He has a perfect 30 constitutional voting record and wants to eliminate the IRS and not implement a 23% consumption tax. And he is winning.

Tell me again how Gary Johnson and his campaign compares on any of the above points. In my opinion GJ running largely on Ron Paul's speeches. (This was again confirmed by his speech at Paulfest).

If and when Ron Paul officially discontinues hi presidential campaign I will then most likely vote for GJ. (BTW I have been a registered Libertarian most of my life). I am disgusted and embarrassed by the lies spread by many of GJ supporters over the past 8 month that Ron Paul has quit his campaign.

Until then please get out of my face and quit distracting those of us who are actually having winning in this election. BTW Ron Paul's campaign is having 10,000 times more impact on this election than the Libertarian Party.

IMHO, your time would be better spent reaching out to people who are ignorant to the slavery instead of the soldiers of liberty on the battleground.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Voting my conscience is far

Voting my conscience is far more important than having a third neo-con on the debate platform. I would rather have no candidate than support a fraud. But I do have a candidate..I am writing in Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I see no evidence that Gary

I see no evidence that Gary Johnson is a fraud. He is serious about fiscal responsibility. As governor of New Mexico he vetoed one big spending bill after another. As a result when the crash came New Mexico was in better shape than all those states that wouldn't balance their budgets even in boom times.

He is not as much of a strict non-interventionist as Ron Paul but he's no neocon either. He doesn't want a war with Iran, and will get us out of Afghanistan. He doesn't favor torture either. (It's sad that we've reached the point that we have politicians who do.) Johnson is also against the drug war.

I also suspect that he will prove better at upholding the Bill of Rights than either Romney or Obama. He is against the Patriot Act, and while he doesn't say he wants to abolish the TSA, he at least wants to put it on a tight leash, and have some sort of probable cause before they can subject you to an invasive search.

Paul is not the Republican nominee. He is not running as an independent or a third party candidate. Sorry, folks, while the liberty movement is not over Ron Paul's presidential campaign is.

Well it's not hard to figure

Well it's not hard to figure out.

From supporting more foreign military action (UGANDA), to saying he will keep most of our bases in the Middle East he has shown he is not a non interventionist. He is also very closely linked to the CFR (See Doug Turner of CFR leadership). He also supports a 23% national sales tax which would TAX EVERYTHING we buy at 23% in addition to whatever sales taxes we already pay the state. His tax would also force every small business to become a federal tax collector. It would also turn every citizen into a welfare recipient with the so called pre-bate. He also says that the federal government should FORCE states via federal mandate to recognize gay marriage. Until recently he did not even support eliminating the Fed. He is clueless when it comes to economics and may not even understand what the Fed actually does or what sound money is. Listen to Gary in his own words here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTch7InkZjo&feature=youtu.be

When I think of past LP candidates like my personal friend Harry Browne (may he rest in peace), or Ron Paul (who we all respect), Gary is a fraud. Listen to the interview I linked and you will hear ample evidence.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

I just listened to that

I just listened to that video. Nowhere did I hear Gary Johnson say that he wants military action in Uganda, or that he wants to keep most of our bases in the Middle East. What is your basis for those claims?

Now I disagree with his claim that our Constitution requires gay marriage (who knew?). Nowhere is congress authorized to make marriage law. So under the 9th and 10th amendments any marriage laws we have are to be made by the states. The Constitution says nothing about what those marriage laws should be, or even if a state should have any marriage laws. It's all up to the states.

Also, no where in that video was there any mention of a 23% VAT tax. Maybe Johnson does favor such a monstrosity but I don't get that from the video. I do know that in an interview with Alex Jones Gary Johnson said he wanted to give work visas to all illegal immigrants, which is certainly something I disagree with.

I consider Johnson to be an imperfect candidate. But the choice is not Ron Paul vs. Romney or Obama. It's Romney or Obama or somebody else. I'll pick a "somebody else" who is actually on the ballot. Gary Johnson will have to do.

These issues have been

These issues have been covered countless times here on DP. The interview demonstrated his lack knowledge about economics and about libertarian ideas in general.

Gary's support for the 23% national sales tax taken from the Johnson website (by the way, Ron has warned that congress could and would raise this rate far easier than raising current tax rates) http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/presidential-candidate-gary-j...

Gary says he supports US action in Uganda and supports "humanitarian" wars in general and says he would leave most of our bases in the Middle East open http://antiwar.com/blog/2012/04/12/gary-johnson-libertarian-...

Gary closely linked to the CFR http://www.cfr.org/experts/world/douglas-turner/b11203

This stuff is not hard to find if you are looking. Don't be so desperate for a candidate that you are willing to accept a fraud.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

So who are you going to vote

So who are you going to vote for? And if your answer is "write in Ron Paul" you may as well stay home for all the good it will do.

Att: Johnson folk -As SOON As-

Congressman Paul himself speaks on the issue and decides in fact he will not seek an kind of independent run, and no legal (or moral!) recourse can be had on his behalf as to what happened today in Tampa. ALso, it is decided that we as a whole are not going to write Dr. Paul in. Then I will listen for DR. Paul to personally give a full endorsement of Johnson.
Then and only then, will you chickenhawks get my vote.

In my opinion, those

In my opinion, those supporting Gary Johnson, or anyone other than Ron Paul, do not see how desperate of a situation we are currently facing. The way I and many others see it, nothing short of a Ron Paul presidency has the potential to rescue our republic from the criminals currently running it. We are facing an economic meltdown so catastrophic that many of us feel that, without a Paul presidency, our only other option is true revolution, which will inevitably come along with the complete destruction of the economy now that a Paul presidency is out of the picture, unless he somehow made a miraculous third party run. As such, our efforts in electing Gary Johnson will not only be futile, but would be much better spent toward ensuring that liberty comes out on top of this inevitable revolution. We need to get real with ourselves and quit thinking that working within the system at this point will make any bit of a significant positive change. We need to prepare ourselves, our families, and our country for the impending devastation, and make sure that, when the dust settles, a new republic will arise built on individual liberty. We will learn from our past mistakes and work harder to spread the message of liberty. 236 years has been a great amount of time for us to watch America's first attempt at devising a government geared to protect individual liberty play out. It had great potential but it did not come close to living up to its expectations. This time, we will do much better. And should we have another revolution in two and a half centuries from now, may it be another great step toward liberty. But maybe the past two and a half centuries have given us the time necessary to learn what it takes to construct a liberty oriented republic that can stand proudly on its legs for an even longer time. Our actions now will determine this land's fate, and in the greater scheme of things, our efforts within the system have proven to not be enough. I'm not going to settle for Gary Johnson. We don't have time settle for any less than Ron Paul. And if we can't have him be president, than I'm going to take the republic back myself. And I know that many many people will join me.


There is NO chance...

of that fraud Gary Johnson getting my vote. Give it up already, you people have been trolling and spamming for months. You're no better than the neocons.

I don't play, I commission the league.

obama is a neocon too


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No shit

When did you work that one out.

Gary Johnson is not the only 3rd party candidate.

They are already starting crap on him by trying to get him excluded from ballots. They will steal his votes. I will vote for a lesser known third party where they won't even bother taking their only 40 votes.