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To Stay in the GOP or to go?

Lots of discussion about leaving the GOP. It has definitely been a debate for me as well. I just want to offer a different perspective to the debate.

I could leave and join some other party but history shows me this isn't very fruitful. I'm a libertarian at heart but I don't think the LP is the path to success. Democrats, Republicans and the press have rigged the system so completely that I think a third party is the long road.

I can stay registered in the GOP and continue to build the foundation we've built over the last 6 years. We had 6 state delegations nominate Ron Paul. We are making progress with this path. It may be slower than we like but it is in the right direction. Clearly, the establishment GOP is against liberty but the regular members are turning.

I wish we could have our liberty today but that isn't going to happen. He have a long bumpy road ahead but we are on the road.

I will be voting for someone other than Romney and Obama but will remain in the GOP. We have come too far to start over somewhere else.

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The Liberty Faction of Ron Paul Republicans is here to stay..and

SO AM I!!!!

As Ron Paul has said...WE WILL BECOME THE BIG TENT!!!

I'm taking my vote and getting the F out!

I joined the GOP for one reason and one reason only.

Look at what we did in Minnesota in short 4 years!

Too bad the rest of the States didn't catch up... But everyone should be getting involved in local,state, county,etc... If everyone was just involved in a City Council position you could make a big difference!

Keep fighting.


WHY WOULD ANYONE LEAVE THE GOP GIVING UP ALL WE'VE BUILT? That's completely moronic. I live in the most corrupt county in Michigan, and we (liberty delegates) control almost half the delegation. We have monumental influence and worked so completely hard to get it. I'm sure it's just the same everywhere else. The Neo-Con Republican Party is dead, and we killed it. This convention was like the last bowel movement of a corpse. We all saw how we were louder than the rest.


THE TPTB WANT NOTHING MORE THAN FOR US TO LEAVE THE PARTY. CMON PEOPLE! WHAT in the world is the logic for leaving the party? Unless you are purposely trying to kill the movement(won't happen).

One thing that will change is their opinion of our resolve.

They may even be jealous of it. Or out of envy try to destroy it.

That's their problem. Just looking for liberty and I'm in a hurry.

Free includes debt-free!

It is time to redouble our efforts

again, and stay the course. Come back even stronger in two years. Everyone get a couple friends to join the party, attend the meetings, and vote their conscience. See you again in a couple years...

I am Ron Paul.

Fuck Yeah

First Move - Get rid of the state/national chairmen/women who endorsed the romney's nasty rule change that removes the 'Republic' aspect from the Republican Party!

Second Move - Make all ballot processes PAPER and viewable to the public.

These Ballot boxes should be viewed at all times from all angles via camera and the assistance of all nominees' parties in equal part to prevent tamper with the ballot box. This box should be counted ON THE SPOT Vocally and agreed with the viewing of each nominee's representative. Might be a long process but for honor's sake it's necessary.

Third Move - Work to restore the Caucus Method of electing Delegates in Primary States and raise awareness of our great Republic's method and means!

Educate the people and they, bearing the arms of knowledge will pry loose Liberty's Torch from the hands of these Neocons! Before we can restore our Republic, we have to remind people that it is a Republic and show them how they work.

I won't give up on my Republic that my Dad, His Dad, nor his shed blood for, tears for, and suffer for. Because of some overbearing fat cat assholes and their Botox Bitches can't see ten feet out in front because of their head being so far each others asses! Much less see truth when it's 2 inches from their mouths.

I have no political 'party' but I do believe there needs to be at LEAST the changes in the whole dynamic... starting with the PEOPLE's APATHY! It's our role, isn't it?

Freedom or Slavery...

Choose. But if you choose the GOP your "freedom" IS slavery. So do what you can live with.

What a "choice!"

It's quite Orwellian.

The Name of the Game is...

Infiltrate. Infiltrate. Infiltrate.

BOTH parties if possible!

And start another 3rd

And start another 3rd alternative to catch the people going into that direction as well ;) :P

I am opposite you

After 35 years registered Republican I am leaving. Rinse Pubus's main job is to grow the party. An exodus of former R's to the Libertarian Party would cause poor Rinse all kinds of problenms with his boss. Especially since R's currently trail both Dems and Independants in percentage of registrations. As the Latino influence grows in America, the GOP will sink further into irrelevency and registration by percentage will reach new lows. I can't wait.

Who will lead the next generation and keep them on track?

We learned the ropes now it is our duty to pass the torch and our encouragement.

Free includes debt-free!

It's up to us...

We'll lick our wounds and regroup. Now we train up the next generation and become a force multiplier.

Stay in. Don't quit. Just vote Gary Johnson 2012.

Your longevity as a Republican will reflect on your commitment to the party. It will give you credibility.

Romnites are forcing Paulitarians into connivance.

Vote for a republican to stick a thumb in the eye of the GOP

Find a nice local candidate that needs your support. Skip the POTUS circus.

Free includes debt-free!

Or of course BECOME the nice

Or of course BECOME the nice local candidate :)

Great idea,


Free includes debt-free!