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A Plea For Unity in Attacking the Establishment in November

Ron Paul has said that he does not want to run 3rd party. Look folks. He's 76 and TIRED. His son's career is taking off and Ron is going to gracefully step aside. Why can't any of you see this?

He saw the writing on the wall and felt that his best chance to be influential was his last and that was to work privately with HIS party, the GOP, to make changes. He knows they won't stick to them, but it can't be said that he didn't try.

He wants to change the party from the inside out and bottom up. He has said that exact script over and over again, yet many of you insist that he is laying in wait, ready to spring a last second miracle win. It's not happening folks. He doesn't want it to happen. He is going to retire with his head high, knowing that he never compromised publicly.

That's great. But we don't have a retirement to ride off into right now. We have an election that is just 2 months away and we have to stop hanging our heads and collectively come up with the next best step to implement most of our needs this election! Pick a 3rd party candidate and vote for them. I don't care which one, but vote goshdangit.

If enough 3P candidates pull enough collective votes, maybe we can keep either main party candidate from getting enough electoral votes from winning. Then it can go to that crazy arsed Congress! What fun and chaos we can still create!

Join me in THIRD PARTY UNISON. Pick one. Anyone as long as they are on the ballot. Please!


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I thought the official word

I thought the official word was that he hadn't ruled out a 3rd party run?

Whenever I heard him asked that

by a newsperson he said " I have no plans for a third party run". I thought to myself every time I heard him say that...hmmm he still hasn't said he wouldn't run third party. Now I know he keeps all options on the table.


He's always been cagey on that question and there must be something there. See, I think there's been a few different strategies floating out there within the camp and they have to be careful so as not to telegraph their moves and suffer being blocked.

Now, Wead has stated a few times that Dr. Paul wouldn't run 3rd party due to Sore Loser Laws and he wouldn't be on the ballot in every state. This may not be true, but it may have been said to throw the RNC off the track. If it IS true, perhaps Dr. Paul is considering running with Gary Johnson. I hope and pray Dr. Paul will be in the WH somehow after November. If not, I think he's going to get a little rest -- maybe a year getting his thoughts together, spending time with the family, and some biking -- then he will be "born again hard."

More books, more speaking engagements, and more spreading of the message of Liberty. Mitt will be in his 2nd dismal year and people will be ready to listen then.

I like the hope and dreams of your ideas

but this is what I am talking about. He's not gonna make some stealthy move to the election. He has all but said that he is done, and the only only reason he hasn't is because he needs to keep the RNC and Romney as honest as possible and spread the message of his planks.

Even a GOP loss in the election is a win for Paul if Romney stands in debates and spouts off Paul ideals. If Paul states emphatically that he's done, then there is nothing to keep Romney on his terms.


Well, what you seem to be talking about is a bunch of prognostication and crap. Nevertheless, I was replying to what someone else said.

Thanks for concern-trolling, but I didn't really read your original post either.

P.S. I wasn't "hoping and dreaming." I was merely stating what IS still possible and hasn't been officially ruled out. You speak in absolutes as if you're The Amazing Kreskin or Nostrildamus. Which one are you?

He almost entirely avoids

He almost entirely avoids absolute statements about his future, and doesn't like the idea of a third party run. You don't get in the televised "debates" unless the Republicans, Democrats and TV stations all agree to it. Romney would definitely object.

Although, there is a party without a candidate who has enough ballot access to theoretically win...

I'm the human calculator

I'm able to take everything Dr Paul says and does and do the math. Some people just live in a dream world.

You know the old adage

If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck, It's probably a duck.

Ron Paul is retiring. His tribute will be shown tomorrow night. His son is taking the political mantle.

Yep, it's a duck.

3rd Party Run

He's never gonna rule out a third party run. It's the only thing keeping the GOP committed to his party planks. Once the election is over, he's done. I don't understand why no one can see this.

Isn't it pretty much a

Isn't it pretty much a forgone conclusion that Romney can't beat Obama, thus making whatever planks Dr. Paul got into the message pretty much worthless?


So join us in a 3rd party unification pledge. Pick a candidate - Goode, Johnson, whomever - just cast a legitimate vote! And share the link.


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You're right :)

You're right :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

We'll Remember

Remember on the 6th of November!~

Let's form our own Party ......the Freedom Party!