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Republican Party Uses Democracy to Rig Election & Cheat Rules - Republican Party NOT republican at All

Many people are complaining that there was no democracy at the Republican National Convention (RNC) when actually it's quite the opposite. The RNC has turned into a highly democratic event, and the Republican party has turned into a democratic party.

Every rule that was broken and every elected delegate that was not seated was violated by democracy, or majority vote.

Therefore, the Republican Party is not republican at all. If it were, the rules, which are written to protect and apply to everyone equally, would be followed.

In a republic the rules or law protect everyone equally, while in a democracy the majority tyrannize the minority at whim.

In fact, the Republican Party is so very democratic that it is actually working to eliminate any remaining republican forms of elections from their primaries. The Republican Party is now claiming that only the popular democratic vote should matter, in forcing delegates to support presidential candidates, rather than letting delegates decide who they want to vote for themselves.

Republic Versus Democracy - Ron Paul Speech in U.S. Congress

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Whos rules do think they follow?


A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

They're supposed to follow the rules agreed to last year

Before the election started. As such the rules were fair and agreed to by everyone participating, and campaigns spent their money and used their best strategy based upon the rules.

Changing the rules in the middle of the election, or worse, at the final moment of the RNC, for any excuse including democracy, is not merely unfair, but lawless and amounts to fraud and theft. Millions were spent based upon the rules; for example Ron Paul using a delegate strategy, only to have his wins stolen from him in minutes with a democratic vote in violations of the rules.


The Ignorant Majourity has run rough shod over the Minourity, THIS IS THE EXACT REASON THE FOUNDING FATHERS ABHORRED DEMOCRACY.

The US of A is a Constitutional Republic!!