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Ron Paul will not endorse Gary Johnson and this is why

Ron Paul isnt going third party WE ARE NOW RON PAUL REPUBLICANS. Him going third party or endorsing Gary Johnson would label everything he has done LIBERTARIAN...not Republican. The media would all say "we told you so." What he is trying to do, and IS DOING is inject LIBERTY into the Republican party. If not the 2 party system will just succeed like it has been. He could of just gone Libertarian or third party, but he will get his message out better in the GOP. He did a great job leaving a path way for his son.

What you do with your vote is upto you. 55& of me wont vote. 40% is writing in RON PAUL, and 5% is voting Gary Johnson.


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Ron Paul himself doesn't care about political party allegiance

he chastised santorum for that during the debates and told viewers his allegiance is to the constitution.
If he was a party man, like his son is, he would have already endorsed Mittens-and he is not going to

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Remember '08

Ron Paul endorsed many third party candidates.

EDIT: Not quite accurate, he only officially endorsed Chuck Baldwin but he had also spoken favorably of the LP and Green Party's candidates.

NOT True-Ron Paul ran in 2008 as a Republican

and did not endorse McLame. He endorsed Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.
Its a farce to want to try and join the neo cons in the republican party-there are too many of them and there is no point associating with them.
A clean run on the libertarian ticket is the best shot

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What part of "that didn't work" do you not understand?

Sorry, I'm not buying into your lame attempt to sucker me into the GOP.

I'm not buying into the 2-headed party nonsense about how they are the "only path."

That's how we got in this mess remember?

Do you forget things so easily?

Perhaps you haven't learned your lesson yet...

Not deciding yet...

But Dr. Paul is kind of silent on providing tactical direction for the Liberty Movement. I get that he's pointed toward working within the party, and it makes sense. the whole party apparatus is already there and doesn't need to be built up new in each state and at every level like a third-party would. But, the RNC as we've seen with an establishment candidate is like

But I agree that it would sure be easier on an emotional level to circle the wagons and build something new. And the emotional energy of this Movement is extremely important. Its arguable though whether it would be more effective than continuing to work within the Republican Party or not.

It would be interesting to know what portion of the Liberty Movement was actually registered Republican and how many remained Independent or otherwise. Now that Dr. Paul will be retired from Congress he could have an amazing effect on the formation of a new party. That's probably wishful thinking though. Maybe after Romney loses in November..LOL

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

It could be very effective if it worked just as hard at it.

The problem with 3rd parties is they are staffed by only a handful of activists.

If we could have even a tenth the activists the RP campaigns had, we could move mountains.

But alas, people are still stuck on the GOP. Until that changes, a 3rd party can't win.

If it DOES change, and people get behind a 3rd party, even a small amount of people, but with the energy and fervor they did behind Paul? It's open season.

I don't know if I can remain Republican

I feel like I have battle-fatique. I've been mixing it up on the theiowarepublican.com for about three months now in the comments virtually everyday.

This has been my thankless contribution to the Liberty Movement... And as fun as it is to vex the Republicans and confront them with their own bullshit... they are ignorant... even the editors of the site hate the Liberty Movement and Ron Paul. Some days I just HATE them. I feel dirty and battle-drenched in ideological Neocon filth. But I do it anyway so the case for liberty is put in their face every day.

I don't post here much, but I visit everyday to recharge my batteries with like-minded thoughts and energy. I'm really tired though. Now that Tampa is essential over, like many here I'm trying to figure out what to do next... where to commit my heart in the cause of liberty.

If we're all gonna stay Republican then we are going to need serious support. I don't say this lightly... We need to find ways to keep this fun and keep our hearts and minds focused on the message.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

RP always encouraged Third Party voting

vote third party.


Its not like he's a fan of the two-party system as it currently exists.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson



Let the cowards among us RUN to GJ or whatever BS artist they choose in the name of conscience or whatever excuse they have.

Ron Paul RepubliCANS are not going to do what tptb wants, we refuse to give them what they want. We are going to show up and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

If it's not constitutional OUT
They do something unconstitutional we move to vote them OUT

WE ARE THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES WE R RepubliCAN rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN Party!!!!!!!!!!

step back for a minute and listen to yourself

correct me if i'm wrong but aren't you voting for Romney? if so how can you call johnson supporters cowards?

i think you're projecting, and collectivizing gj supporters. i plan to stay and work within the (R) party but i also plan on voting for gary johnson (unless ron pauls name is on the ballot). the goal is to get the libertarians 5% in the general and qualify for like $90 million in federal funds like the reps and dems always get. i want Romney to lose in 2012 so we can run rand in 2016. however, in order to keep rand on message and from cowering to tptb within the gop establishment it is important to run a strong libertarian in 2016. rand better pray it's not judge napolitano(L) 2016 though! oh my.

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Rand Paul 2016

I'm voting to keep my seat

I'm voting Romney, not FOR Romney.. it's NOT about Romney, it's about keeping a seat that has power to vet issues, candidates and seat delegates.. to Restore America to constitutional government, to remind Neocons, that we took an oath to the constitution and issues that are unconstitutional get NO votes and if they press unconstitutional issues.. they are breaking the law.

What would be awesome is if Ron Paul RepubliCANS begans occupying the committees, come as a guest, get a seat, back the ones who have seats.. unseat the neocons.. FIGHT FOR THIS PARTY TO BE OUR PARTY.

GJ will return to the GOP.. he won't get 15% and you won't send anyone a message voting for him. The only thing you'll do is make the Neocns say, "Told you so!" GOOD.. they're gone.

I'm not going to give them the pleasure.

The worst thing that could happen to the LP

is that CFR shill GJ getting into the debates. The buffoon would tarnish the brand severely.

I am with ya Sister!!!

Hey could you mind yer P's & Q's. ; )~

It has been such a chore, to run around behind you all the time to clean up all the down votes you seem to collect. LOL


It's the dotting the "I" and crossing those "T"s that get me

(((((((pegarizona))))))) High five. Let's get 'em!

They will rue this day, and wish more than us (if that is possible) Ron Paul received the nomination he earned!


Ron Paul never obsessed about

Ron Paul never obsessed about party labels and neither should we. Remember, Paul ran as a Libertarian candidate once. He made it clear that the only reason he runs as a Republican is because the two party duopoly has conspired to keep out third party candidates. That's hardly a reason to want to slavishly stick to the Republican Party.

Voting for Gary Johnson will have at least a modest effect. He could get as much as 5-8% of the vote, enough to deny victory to Romney. No, I don't look forward to four more years of Obama. But I want to rub the "mainstream" Republicans' noses in the mess they've made for their own party. They have shut out the only Republican candidate who attracts voters under 35. They have a death wish for their own party.

If you write in Ron Paul that will be good for your conscience but will have zero effect on the election.

Agree a strong third party vote sends a message and

who knows maybe unlike cult of personality third party runs like Perot, the libertarian party could eventually displace one of the two major parties in 2016

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well see later down the road.

well see later down the road. Jesse Ventura DID indeed endorse Gary Johnson...but its too soon right now. cmon guys the RNC is still going on and we are already talking about another candidate?

It is very plain that the

It is very plain that the mainstream Republicans (who are still in control of the party) are making the RNC a coronation of Romney. And frankly, Romney has a vast majority of the delegates. At this point you have to be delusional to believe that Paul might still somehow become the 2012 Republican nominee. Ron Paul doesn't believe that, and neither should you.

Since when has Ron Paul cared

Since when has Ron Paul cared about what the media think of his decisions? :)

ha well he cares about his

ha well he cares about his son and the liberty movement

Does he?

He and Rand have been notoriously individualistic. No getting their heads together or comparing notes. I think each is determined to be his own man and let the other forge his own way. Look how little time each spent campaigning for the other.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.