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America Can Bend Over And Kiss Her Fat Ass Goodbye

It's over for America. Stick a fork in it, we're done.

Official Cause of Death: Constitutional cardiac arrest.

USA Born: 7/4/1776

Died : 8/28/2012


We're too far gone to resuscitate. We've had so many chances in the past. We have failed. There are no more chances left.

If they can get away with 911, they can get away with anything now. And they did. We've only had almost 11 years to fix the problem....but we let it persist and now the one rogue cancer cell has taken over the entire body.

Americans are too fat, too stupid, too lazy, too ignorant, too spoiled rotten, too apathetic, too dependent, too dumbed down, and too selfish to care about anything or anyone but themselves.

About 20% of Americans can barely read or write.

The United States lost the Cold War. We have been taken over from within. We now have a communist president and few people could give a rats ass.

The internationalists have won. I don't know about you, but I'm buying a shotgun this weekend and a lot of ammunition. Not like that's going to do myself any good, but I'll feel better at least.

Have you ever seen the original movie, "Night of The Living Dead?"

The USA has been turned into a bunch of walking zombies.

Now I understand the metaphor to the movie, and it's not a happy ending.


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Sorry you feel this way

Clearly, at this point, nothing will change your thoughts. I'd like to remain optimistic. I'll admit even I give into pessimism and hopelessness. It certainly was easier for many of us to do after what happened at the RNC yesterday. But this is no reason to just give up, pack up and go home. If our Founding Fathers had this attitude, the one that you have right now, we'd still be living under British rule with no way to defend ourselves.


But True...Maybe it needs to go down this way..Just maybe when it does, many will look to the Liberty movement for help and guidance seeing this movement has been the largest, most vocal and has been predicting this for years..I know I can say with confidence that the Liberty movement is the most prepared to handle the collapse.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Apologies to Mr. Franklin for

Apologies to Mr. Franklin for no longer being able to keep the republic

well said...Here is another way of saying it...


A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.