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Ron, please run 3rd party and take the GOP down!

C'mon Ron - you threw your hat in the ring, now finish the job. Run 3rd party. Your supporters are so pissed off about how you and we've all been treated - we'll find the money.

And don't worry about Rand - there won't likely be a GOP'er without 2 feet in the grave in 4 years. He's not done much to help his Daddy's cause in the end, anyways.

C'mon Ron, please, please just announce that you'll run as a third party candidate.

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It's about destroying their credibility first, ruling second

It's not about winning the presidency...that would be neato, but really it's about cleaning up the country. And that first starts with exposing the truth about the current ruling class.

Ron Paul does that best by working from within the GOP...not by running in a third party.

Ron Paul got SO much accomplished by being in the GOP primary debates. Very simply, he got press...and in a media-controlled environment, that is critical.

Third party debates got nearly zero press. Also, many of the third parties are just as controlled (if not moreso), than the GOP.

Paul switched to a third party once, saw how futile it was, and switched back. Learn from Paul.

Third party = neutered.


I think its time!We are here to get a man elected for his principals and for our liberties not a party.I think it would be a great idea if Ron Paul ran as a Ind. but I am still writing his name in!

What part of "it's too late to run 3rd party or indy" do

people not understand?

You'd swear people who keep posting this stuff NEVER read the DP.

We've been over this, and over this and over this and over this.

Go do your homework.


(note, this has nothing to do with what I WANT - if he could still run 3rd party or indy, I'd say go for it, but he CANNOT - the deadlines are already passed)

What part of "Electors elect the President...

..not the voters" eludes you?

Stalking horses ALREADY have ballot status, irrespective of filing deadlines and sore loser laws. Dr Paul does not need to appear on a single state ballot in order to be elected. In exchange for the Veep slot, Governor Johnson could direct his slates of Elector-nominees to vote for The Good Doctor when they convene in December.

The actual election is in December. The charade continues from now until November.

It is NOT too late. See Article II, Section 1, paragraph 2.

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What part of "that will end the Electoral College" do you not


If your goal is to usher in pure democracy - that would about do it.

The only way to avoid that would be not to mess with the EC in that way, and to run legitimately.

But that time is past.

So there is no path now that doesn't end in a nightmare scenario or simply a drubbing in the polls.

Paul/Ventura ticket...i would

Paul/Ventura ticket...i would give anything for such a beautiful masterpiece.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

Add him to the Gary Johnson ticket


I knew this was going to happen...

looks like we're going to need to get a psycho-therapist in here on the DP.

i think ron paul should retire and begin to work with the

grassroots and help us vet and groom some candidates.. then we can send a new generation of ron paul (not dumbed down johnsons) to federal elections. ron paul has said he will continue working with the grassroots, i think this is a step to look ahead to within that framework.

upside is we can have some genuine second generation leaders, instead of some of the sub-par self-promoting 'grassroots leaders' we've been getting

i know i might've pissed off too many to get the chance and i'm currently working on my business, but holy crap if i get a chance to get tutored by ron paul to run for an office i might drop everything

What Good Would That Do?

After what lengths the establishment has just demonstrated it will go to to retain their greedy grip on power, what makes you think that this whole process isn't rigged anyway? At this point, they just change the rules and use the Debolds to get what they want. Even if Dr. Paul ran 3rd party and got 51% of the vote in real people terms, the rigged process would only let him have 7 or 8 percent. THIS IS ALL RIGGED...DON'T YOU GET IT YET! There is some serious denial going on around here.

We simply need to take the Republican Party back...PERIOD!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"




I agree, Dr. Paul you will

I agree, Dr. Paul you will receive a lot of attention from independents if you go this route. It will grow your clout amongst voters.

It's not about the money You just don't get it

I used to think like you.

What's more, after 16 years in the LP, and 17 years as an Indy..working on three of Nader's campaigns in several states for ballot access and open debates, I have experience. Nader wished he had a rEVOLution like Ron Paul.. boy.

Beides numberous lawsuits in multible states that we didn't win one... know what we did? We helped the establishment, not meaning to really, but we did, help them close up the loopholes.. fill the gaps.. sew it up so tight, that there is no way for an Indy to ever win. The NWO, global government can, because we gave tptb everything they needed.. why we lost all those dozens of law suits. And Nader is a great attorney I really don't know anyone who has sued the government more than him, plus he does have a fine team of attorneys working for him. Back in those days, before the Patriot Act, we had all kinds of little tricks, but the Patriot Act took care of that. I look back and think, what useful idiots we were. Our hearts were in the right place. And then came Ron Paul.

I absolutely refused to join the GOP in 07/08. But this election, was the first time I ever joined a major party. Republican.. it made me sick. But going to a central committee meeting changed that. You see, what I saw there was THE BIGGEST LIE, all MSM fabricated. And I came to understand my rejection of the GOP was all based on MSM LIES. That's why they cheat and steal, they have to. They are not afraid of Ron Paul. They ae afraid of us. So why are you running away?

Ron Paul has given us the greatest gift.. but you have to do more than just join the GOP, which many here did not. They hoped he would FAIL, so they could FORCE Ron Paul to do it their way.. they didn't have the GUTS to join the GOP for Ron Paul. That's the TRUTH.

Ron Paul is not going to go Indy or third. Hang it up. YOU LOST.

Those of us who joined the GOP and took seats.. we're going to FIGHT. We're going to take this party because we can. Right now, there are Ron Paul RepubliCANs who are seated,, many of those delegates you were cheering are seated credentialed committee memebers.

The Ron Paul rEVOLution is in the RepubliCAN Party, which is part of the liberty movement, but the liberty movement is not part of the Ron Paul rEVOLution. Do you understand? Ron Paul, Rand Paul, are our political leaders.. and if you joined the GOP you would need people who KNOW the laws to help you with the learning curve.. you have a lot to learn.. but if you don't want to learn, because losing is really your thing.. go indy (no committee, no leaders, no representatives, no power at all) or go third.. GJ will return to the GOP, he's just a red herring for those who don't have the guts to follow Ron Paul.. all in the name of conscience. LOL right.

These pathetic whinning, cowardly, begging Ron paul to do it your way... you are giving the GOP what they want. Ron Paul won't and either will we. It's not about Romney, it's about Restoring America to constitutional government. Ron Paul is so much smarter than you. Wise up. WE ARE THE FUTURE.


Well said, and good point about helping the opposition.

We need to play our hand close to our chest in coming years.

You Sir are dead straight on! Very well said!!!


"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"



Should do it. If it is too late he should just go out there and spread the message !

He has C4L, he can go under that banner. With the money left over, he can still draw some good attendance.

Maybe some of the 3rd party orgs could hook up at some events.



read above

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


From what I understand

It's TOO LATE for him to run 3rd party.

Why cant Ron Paul run 3rd party

AND continue the work within the GOP? Can we not vote an independent Ron Paul and STILL vote for Liberty candidates within the GOP?

I'm not getting why a 3rd party run will offset our progress within the GOP.

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Because when Republican voters

find out a Liberty candidate was a Ron Paul supporter, they eon't vote for him because they'll blame Obama's second term on Rin Paul and ignoring our Congressional candidates will be their way of getting back at us.

They already do

If Obama wins they already say they will blame us.
I dont see Romney winning period unless we vote for him and I know I am not alone in saying never going to happen...

Not Getting My Hopes Up. . .

. . . but i would LOVE to see this! I don't understand why people are saying, "no we have to take over the GOP." Why can't we do both? And who says we'll have the FREEDOM to do ANYTHING like that after November?

I don't believe it's time yet to go 3rd party.

The Grand Old Party is weakening itself to the point where we and easily take it over. If can take over a segment of the GOP with liberty minded candidates now while the picking are easy. If and when we do leave it won't effect our already established liberty minded elected officials. It's not about party label it's about liberty minded elected officials who could care less about the political label.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Hopefully you'll be thinking clearer

in the morning. A third party run would undo every bit of the progress we've made in the GOP.

LOL "undo every bit of progress?" What are they going to do

...remove us from our slates so we can't vote for our candidate?

3rd party run NOW. As we have found out, politics ain't bean bag, it ain't a popularity contest, and it ain't pretty. The RNC just handed us enough video of dirty dealing for a dozen commercials.


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It's too late to get on ballots anyway.

Besides, if RP ran third party, Republican voters roulfn't want anything to do with our candidates in the future an it would be twenty years before we ever got a handle in the party.

Do you think running independent would be as damaging?

I'm opposed to the 3rd party run idea. But running INDEPENDENT would welcome any and everyone into the race and not entirely shut the door to keep working on bringing GOP back to it's republican roots.

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Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
The local church(not a building -a people) is the missing link. The time to build is now.

No, running third party or Independent

would slam the door in our face of ever trying to take over the Republican Party because Republicans wouldn't ever want anything to do with Ron Paul candidates if Obama won a second term.


They don't want anything to do with him now, as evidenced by the convention and everything leading up to it. So I am not seeing what difference that makes?

I second that emotion!!

I hope he'll consider it. Could he have been saving some of that campaign cash for that reason? Or did he spend it all on the Sun Dome rally?