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ATTN: Delegates!

Now the hard work begins! Time to begin persuading your fellow elected delegates! No grimy leaflets! We got one at the state convention here that was just about attack the candidate's personal habits. People don't like that sort of thing. It does not do anything but make the people distributing them look bad. Ask some questions. Talk to people about whether they would want their own state treated like Maine? Ask them what happens when next season someone is put forth by the RNC that violates their moral principles and they will not be able to further their own state's choice for presidential candidate? Talk to them about whether we really need a president in office which would push his agenda so far that he would seek to squelch free speech? Do they really want a Romney in charge of the CIA, FBI, Guantanamo Bay??? Nothing is written in stone till the convention is adjourned!
Yes I know this will not likely help now, but there is just the tiny shred of hope. More importantly, you want these people to remember this in 2016! Prepare the ground! Point out the injustice! Because believe me, they will be in their state parties voting again. Give them a memory!

Little Bit Farm

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love this - thanks lil bit farm

I refuse to cry or quit!

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!

This is a huge opportunity to educate people, to plant seeds, and open a few eyes to the truth.