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Don't Lose Heart! Keep Carrying The Torch!

We need to keep the Revolution going! Though Ron Paul may not be the nominee, we still need to push on... Ron Paul is one of the builders of this movement, and for that he deserves our respect, but we need to keep in mind that this Revolution will not fall because Ron Paul did not succeed in a presidential race. It will stand or fall because of the future actions and decisions of the people who have kept this movement alive! Don't let the flame of liberty die! Ron Paul will still be fighting for Liberty, and so should we! Ron Paul was this Revolution's figurehead, because he was the only Constitutional candidate running. We may have to shift this movement to focus on other up-and-coming Constitutional citizens, but we cannot let this die!! If we stop now, then everything we have worked for will be gone! We may be feeling gloomy, because things are looking badly, but when things are their darkest, people start to realize the truth!! We need to keep up hope, and keep carrying the message to others!! Ron Paul has served us well, and we should be extremely grateful to him for that, but we have to remember that although Ron Paul was the figurehead for this movement, the foundations of this movement are bigger than any one person. We have based this movement on our beliefs in God and the Constitution, and we need to hold on to those core beliefs! Let's not become so discouraged that we abandon the fight for these beliefs!! Our fight for the presidency was big, but winning these smaller battles is just as big, because if we can change the system directly from the inside, rather than trying to face it head on, we can get some change done! They may be able to out-spend us, and they may be able to place obstacles in our paths, but if we replace them, then we don't have to worry about fighting those obstacles! In the past, I have viewed this as a battle that someone else needs to fight, because I just can't get involved in politics. That is the way our movement will die if we let it...
I am not the best speaker, in fact I can hardly articulate my thoughts at all(apart from random posts on the internet that I make :), but if I don't get involved, then the change I want, might never become a reality. If you really are serious about change, then you not only need to think about campaigning for others, but trying to change your local system for the better as well!! It all starts with YOU... What are YOU willing to do to further the cause of Liberty?
- God Bless You All, Vive La Revolution!!! :)

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