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My response to Rand's email via C4L;

To: rand.paul@campaignforliberty.com

Sorry, Dr. Paul and C4L, but unions are only part of the problem. The RNC also has a stranglehold on our liberties. Just look at how the Ron Paul people were disregarded at the convention. I don't see how any of them can look at themselves in the mirror and think they see a patriot.

I, and hordes of others will be abandoning the RNC because of Mitt and his handlers.

I'd rather have 4 more years of Obama than give that sheister, Romney the presidency.

Original email text:

Individual liberty is precious to you and me, but our cherished freedoms are under threat. Mallory Factor's shocking new exposé -- SHADOWBOSSES -- reveals exactly how forced unionism and union political spending put a stranglehold on our liberty and corrupt our political process. Order SHADOWBOSSES now so that you can stop government employee unions from growing our government and eroding our liberties.
In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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