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To the people who think we should stop working within the GOP

... this is exactly what the establishment GOP want you to do

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I think a better way to look at this

is to be involved in the political process of every party and change every party and every heart from the inside. If you lean democrat, go register democrat and spread core principles, same if you're Republican, Independent, whatever. No matter what ideology you come from liberty and individual freedom is a common link of every soul on the planet, unfortunately a lot of those souls are lost, confused, or preoccupied at the moment because they've spent most of their lives chasing their tales in a debt circle or spending too much time in front of a t.v. or gadget and haven't taken the time to understand the core principles of our republic.

Remember patience is a virtue, we have a lot of young supporters in the liberty movement that have been subjected to a world of instant gratification. Be prepared to be patient, this is gonna be a difficult slow process that will take years to fix and things may very well go to hell in a hand basket before we get to where we need to be, cause let's be honest, it's gonna take a lot more than $5 or $6 gas and 18% unemployment to get the herds of zombies out there to take notice of the debt laden, inflationary raping they've been receiving most of their lives.

We must work to take over SOCIAL MOOD

Most people are and prefer to be sheep. They will follow a leader, and the never, EVER want to be made to feel DIFFERENT or ostracized from the crowd.

Therefore, we must change the THINKING of the CROWD. WE must become the leaders in ALL of the parties, and ALL of the media, etc. We have to make the social mood....the general thinking of the masses... be that of LIBERTY and LACK OF GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY.

We must keep working to make the sheep follow US, and feel comfortable about doing so EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE A CORE PHILOSOPHY.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

My $0.02: Stay registered as

My $0.02:

Stay registered as GOP. Like the committeewoman from Maine said, if there's no local liberty candidate in your district, be the liberty candidate! Let's work to take over the state party apparatus. Then in 4 or 8 years when another liberty comes along for president, it will be harder for them to block us out. And even if we don't get a president, we'll have local officials who are making a difference. We'll have congressman and senators slowly moving this country in the right direction. If you leave the GOP now, you give up everything we've worked to make happen. We really are making progress.

That said, don't just throw the GOP your vote. Make them earn it. If they fail to do so, vote 3rd party. Only vote for the Republican candidates who are worth voting for.

TL;DR version: Stay in the GOP. Vote Gary Johnson. That's what I say.

The RNC is disgusting, they are a brainwashed majority

that truly believe they are doing the right thing. So, this is my 1/8th of a penny on the subject.


Why sleep in the bed with the pig?

We are legitimizing them by being in their tent.

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They have showed us repeatedly that .....

it is either their way or the highway. If we try to work within the party, we get what we got in the last three days. This last rule change essentially eliminates forever any grassroots movement. Whether you want to participate in the "process" or not, there will no longer be any hope of ever winning anything. If we remain in the GOP, there will be more of the same to come. Plus, they will collect various membership fees and registration fees for attending their functions. They are parasites, only taking and giving nothing in return.

We were never going to take

We were never going to take over in one cycle. We win by replacing the GOP by converting new members to our ranks. That is the way forward

Better dust off the ol' checkbook

Principles are irrelevant to these reptiles. Their allegiance isn't to the people of this country. Principles, ideals, and issues, are just the smoke they blow up everyones ass to get votes. That all flies out the window as soon as the election is over.

Their language is money, and LOTS of it. 'Principle' is just the namby-pamby crap that they have to espouse to get elected. Nobody's going to hijack it back without billions of dollars.

Edit to add: There isn't going to be a 'middle class/grass roots' ANYTHING before too long anyway.

Both Leave and Stay...

You have to both leave and stay.

STAY and change as much you can to bring the system more in line with constitutional principles (be the checks and balances). Ultimately, however the current party system needs to go, as it serves primarily its own corrupt and limited interests (as any system does) — & any change within the system is no change at all.

LEAVE or remain outside of the narrow world of party politics and continue to champion constitutional principles in the way the Paul Movement has done beautifully for the past 8 or so years: Grassroots, innovative, inclusive.

You are not a party member or a Republican - you are a human being.

No, what they want us to do is assimilate into the

GOP and let them rule it.

That is what will happen the longer you stay in it.

They will not go away.

If you manage to get them voted out and yourself in, they will simply steal the money from the party bank accounts, and leave. They will set up what they call "the real GOP" and they will WIN in court because their buddies are the lawyers and the judges.

Their media connections, influence and ownership will follow THEM and not in any way be beholden to you.

You will win nothing if you take over the party. You will get a shell organization with no resources.

You will have a mailing list. But you could buy that from your state election officials anyway. And that's if they don't take that with them too and destroy your copy.

Face it - if you want to accomplish anything politically, you're going to have to do it outside of the GOP and DNC.

Jesus said you do not put new wine in old wineskins.

The republican Party is an old party privately owned lock, stock and barrel. (Probably by the rich who pretend they are Christians.) We need a newer party we own.

I don't know about the GOP

and whether it's worth trying to fix. Just like about 99% of the Federal Government, there is just so much bloat and corruption. Honestly I have told myself that I pretty much will not trust anything that comes out of DC until the people are able to pretty much have a full audit of the entire system.

If anything it might be worth looking into where the fight is right now to change the rules as far as third parties etc..There are just way too many monopolies in every aspect of the system to be able to function. They have work the system well to always work in the two party favor..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

So I should...?

Remain in the GOP and contend with a bunch of corrupt ratbastards in order to fight another day? Romney will not get my vote, for sure.

Or, join the Libertarians and vote for Gary Johnson?

Or remain in the GOP and vote for Gary Johnson?

Go back and forth. Be Libertarian and help GJ be on ballot.

Later go back to Independent. When you want to vote Republican , switch back to Republican. When you need to vote Democrat switch to Democrat. Usually stay Independent.

Option number three is what I

Option number three is what I am doing. I'm not saying people should vote for Romney. We can continue to try to take over the GOP without voting for establishment politicians like Romney


they want to keep you in the party so they can control you with phantoms and empty promises of inclusion while they cut you off and break their own rules to achieve their personal, petty agenda of stealing your power from you with your implied consent and crushed spirit of resistance and replace it with impotent obedience.

"You know what you feed a horse in the morning if you wanna get a day's work out of him? Just enough so that he knows he's hungry..."

I'm not saying we should

I'm not saying we should blindly vote GOP. I'm saying we should continue to try and take over the GOP. That doesn't mean you're obligated to vote for people like Romney in the meantime

Major Bump! Don't give these

Major Bump!

Don't give these criminals what they want!! They just want us to go away. Don't do it...they can't get enough blue hairs to fill their rotten, decrepit, corpse, of a skelton good ol' boys club...so it is ripe for the picking. Just hang on and ride the sinking ship until the rats scurry off and then we can patch the holes and right the ship.

No, they want you to vote GOP and keep thinking that

working with the GOP is going to somehow make a difference.

They want you putting all your effort into THEIR party.

It keeps up the pretenses of legitimacy for them.


"They want you putting all your effort into THEIR party.

It keeps up the pretenses of legitimacy for them."

This is defeat and disarmament through implied consent.If there is to be ANY progress... this must end...