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I hope to God I am wrong, but I think we've been had.

This is not by any means sour grapes. Dr. Paul will always have a special place in my heart for his body of work as a congressman, activist, economist and gentleman. I didn't always agree with him but warts and all he is one of my heroes and am proud to have supported him in the cause of liberty.

But early in the spring, something in the campaign just did not feel quite right. One of my dear friends, a liberal college professor used to call it the paranoid tin-foil spidey sense. I brushed it off as the cynicism and mild paranoia and distrust that often comes with being a libertarian. But it wouldn't shake. In a sea of candidates, there was a clear presumptive front runner and said front runner walks with a target on his back. Every other candidate in the race was bloodthirsty in their attacks on Romney, but not Paul. And in return, every time someone got close to Romney, he crushed them, except for Paul. Paul ran against the entire field instead of focusing on leader. I first chalked this up as a means of differentiating himself and his gentle manner. Paul is not your typical politician. But as the field thinned, he still did not directly attack Romney or vice versa. I chalked Romney's lack of engagement up to the fact that doing so would acknowledge Paul as a legitimate candidate. But even in the debates, there was no direct engagement. Sparking rumors they were somehow in cahoots. Again I dismissed this.

Then there was the announcement from the campaign that they would suspend active campaigning. Some chalked it up to a gaffe on Benton's part. But if it was a gaffe, why did he retain his job? Why was there no public clarification and why was there at least no credible explanation to the support base?

Then Rand endorsed Romney. What kind of tool won't support their own father especially since the name recognition was part of the reason that Rand won his office over the GOP establishment candidate? Unless such an endorsement would cost Rand something.

Finally after legitimately securing the number of state pluralities to be nominated, why was the campaign so willing to deal them away for what seemed like nothing more than beads in return. Paul got no speaking slot, I never saw that video honoring him. And if the purpose of the campaign was to takeover or shake the very foundations of the GOP in order to bring it back to its more libertarian roots, why lay down and take this obvious injustice? They can't hurt him, he's retiring. And fighting would only solidify the Paul base, garner more media attention and achieve what the campaign led us to believe was its purpose, shaking things up?

The logical conclusion for me was that it had something to do with Rand. I had read about the Medicare Part D passage in the last decade and the lengths at which the GOP leadership were willing to go were somewhere below despicable. Including threatening children. This had to have something to do with it but to what extent.

Then a friend and fellow Paul supporter who was much more involved than I, sent me the link below this morning and I was livid. It was a total hatchet piece done by the neo-con establishment meant to shake the faith of the Paul supporters. It was disgusting. It made my head hurt. But then I read it again, and again. And as much as I hated this trash, I could not poke holes in the logic, timing and reasoning. As much as I hated it. It answered questions that I could not and no one in the campaign was willing to.

Read it, and hate me all you want as some kind of whiner looking within for someone to blame. But also ask yourself if it is beyond reason or possibility? I think the real test is if like the last election, Paul endorses someone on the outside. If he does, I will thank the heavens and chalk it up to my own human insecurities and failings. Remember that we like to think of the rank and file Democrats and Republicans as lemmings who refuse to acknowledge the flaws in their logic and the dirt in their own back yard. But like them we are human beings subject to the same short comings like pride, hope, desperation, denial and hero worship.

But if Paul does not endorse anyone, why not? He cannot hurt the movement by doing so.

For your perusal, and forgive me if you've already seen it.


UPDATE: Seems Jesse Benton is more than willing to confirm this. Paul will not be endorsing Johnson. And those who suggest it is because Johnson nor anyone else was worthy of an endorsement, then why was Johnson worthy enough to be asked for one. And yes he did endorse Chuck Baldwin in 08, but he also endorsed three other candidates that year including Cynthia McKinney who has proven to be crazier than an outhouse rat and Ralph Nader, another one who's a few fries short of a happy meal. I still love the doctor but the last six months of the campaign were not about winning the White House.

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Ron Paul did attack Romney,

Ron Paul did attack Romney, there are a number of ads on youtube to prove it. This article is based on a fallacious premise.

Ventura 2012

Disingenuous but needed

Ron Paul would have been just another assassinated president if he had won. Maybe he new that and maybe he was even threatened. Maybe his son new that. I hope so because 1. it would explain everything and 2. if it was revealed it could be the catalyst we need to take the revolution to the next level. Democratic processes never bring down tyrrany. Tyrrany brings down tyrrany by being forced to reveal itself before it has full control.

Example: Just yesterday I saw a white SUV driving around San Diego that had the signs "Police" and "Homeland Security" painted in it. I thought WTF is Homeland Security Police exactly...FBI? No. Gesatpo? More likely. As The Gestapo start to become more visible and present that is when it is too late to do anything. I hope to see a grassroots civil disobedience campaign that places gestapo stickers on such vehicles!

Would Add Another Question to the Mix

In retrospect, in addition to these questions, I have one more. Why, in all of the discussions about the Fed, were Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound never mentioned? They were the first and foremost Fed whistle blowers, yet, are rarely given credit for it in this movement.

Liberty minded patriots may wish to see as many of Eustace's videos as possible, while you still can. Getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole can be disconcerting, but you will not be bored.



I read it over again and I can't see it--

I can see the logic, but I don't see the same justification for the logic or the same outcome--

IF Dr. Paul was complicit with his campaign to give the field to Romney, it still is no benefit to Rand--

so why did he do it?

He didn't want to fight; he wanted to teach. His career has been over 3 decades, and he's tired, and he knew he had no hope of winning--

to give him a base ulterior motive for it isn't necessary, since if that was his motive, I don't think he was successful; many who would have supported Rand before his premature endorsement of Romney will not support Rand now--

I think Dr. Paul did not want to run; he chose to run, so he could educate, and then he got to the point where he realized that the GOP/Romney thugs were going to beat him anyway--

so he backed off.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Sorry, but my 'spidey-sense'

never went the way yours did.
You honestly expected the fiscally responsible Ron Paul to spend money in states with rigged black boxes?
Then you know NOTHING about Ron Paul.
I 100% believe he wanted to win, but being the realist that he is, he KNEW the fraud was insurmountable but kept to his delegate strategy because that was the only avenue left to him.
And you really would have preferred NO RP delegates rather than have those that were salvaged?
You created your own fears, fed them, then projected them onto RP and his campaign and THAT is your error. Fix yourself.
And why would anyone hate you? Again, your own feelings of self-doubt projected onto others. My advice to you - stop it.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Ouch quit it , seriously , that hurts

Hard to swallow and hard to deny. I haven't heard anything else even remotely satisfying explaining our unforced errors. I need to digest this. Discomfort IS a catalyst for change. This makes me very uncomfortable. Perhaps the good Dr.'s point here was to expose the fix? Am I justifying ? Still in denial? I believe the telling factor in regards to Rand being co-opted will be foreign policy. If he comes out for AIPAC we'll know he's not just been playing footsie with Mitch Mckonnel. I gotta run, no time to spell check . What do u think DP?

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

I don't think you are in denial, and I think that . . .

much was exposed, much of the corruption--

my 'friends' who are still in denial are not quite comfortable with Romney; they sense something is wrong, even though they are not awake--

As for Rand, he was not helped by what his father did or by his endorsement--

there are more people who are awake and more people waking up all the time--

and if Rand goes the way of the rest of the GOP . . . he's sunk--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You sensed something was wrong...

YES!!! Something is VERY wrong:

Israel behind push for Romney Presidency?

AIPAC has worked hard for Romney's campaign..but it goes deeper than that.

He named the following people to his board of advisers:

Dov Zakheim - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Robert Kagan - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Michael Chertoff - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Eliot Cohen - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Eric Edelman - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
John Lehman - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Evan Feigenbaum - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Aaron Friedberg - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Kent Lucken - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Kristen Silverberg - (Israeli Dual Ctizen)

(I'm sure it means nothing, just a coincidence. I'm sure he will put
Americas interests first.)

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

You need to watch this

Very good lecture with a very good speaker. Many people don't understand this, that is why they think they need to send millions to Israel.

A good way to defend your freedoms: www.libertymagazine.org


the truth at last. Dr. Paul realized what he was up against, but he did what took a lot of courage in holding those rallies--

there ARE more people awake now--

from the ashes . . .

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

bump for others to see

and consider.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I read it and didn't get what you got out of it--

but that could be my own flawed thinking--

I do understand what is being said, but I don't agree with it--

I am old(er), a senior citizen, but I'm not quite as old as Dr. Paul, and I understand what tiredness is--

I understand how, as a person ages, thinking/perspective changes.

I understand how it is possible to remain firmly convicted but realize that you are defeated and still do everything within your power to give the younger generation something when you know you are reaching your final hour--

Dr. Paul is a realist and knows that the economy of this country cannot stand--

but he hoped to infuse into a younger generation the enthusiasm and love for and dedication to and education about his one passion:

the constitution--

he knew this was going to happen, and he may have said, "enough is enough"--

but I don't think he has ever wanted or supported Romney, and I don't think he did it for Rand--

because if he did it for Rand, he was NOT successful--

people who have listened to Dr. Paul for decades are not more enthused about Rand than they were before, so if that is why Dr. Paul senior did it--

then he was unsuccessful--

maybe there were those in his family who sensed that he was 'wearing out'--

and pulled it back, but I don't think it was politics as usual--


Because though I feel my convictions as firmly as I ever did, at this point in my life all I want is peace and rest--

and I no longer want the battle--


So I understand--

but there are many, many, MANY more people who are awake, and Dr. Paul has known what the GOP was/is for decades; he was not surprised; why use his dwindling strength and the dwindling resources of those who have listened to him to fight against this huge monolith--

which can only be defeated by a collapsed economy--

and then . . . that army of young and old that has been awakened will build upon the ashes--

so I believe--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Asclepius's picture

I agree, he succeeded in changing the course of History...

and he will be successful as millions of liberty minded youth will now be better equipped to rebuild our country on a foundation of Liberty when all the cards inevitably collapse.

While I had also been feeling a sense of betrayal ever since Rand endorsed Romney, that all ended when I attended the 6 hour Rally on Sunday. You can read my post here if interested:

If you listened to the underlying message of that event, which was evident in most of the speakers as well as the new banner with "Repuli-CAN" it inspired me to start thinking about supporting the party locally in an effort to become the future GOP.

That inspiration was silenced briefly yesterday with all the news of the RNC rule changes and the public humiliations of the Paul delegates. But then, shockingly, my inspiration was instantly restored when I saw the ever optimistic Ron Paul interview with Neal Calvito late in the afternoon. At first, I was stunned at his absence of anger at what had just happened, but then I had an epiphany when smiling he said to Neal something to the effect of “all those attacks by the GOP produce tremendous incentive to get involved”. I then had a flashback to the victory speech he gave very early in the Race (maybe in Iowa) when he came in third. His excitement and optimism didn’t seem possible, especially after considering how publically angry Rand Paul was after that vote. But it all came together yesterday and it reminded me of that scene from the first Star Wars film when Obi-Wan Kenobi fights Darth Vader in front of the young Luke Sky Walker. Remember what Obi-Wan said with resolve just before letting his guard down, "You cannot win Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!"


Ron Paul, like our founders, realized long ago that we are fighting a multigenerational war against powerful evil forces and while we have made unimaginable progress over the past five years, full victory will require thousands if not millions of liberty minded warriors. I am eternally grateful for what Ron Paul has done for me and my 19 year old son, who has been inspired to join that Army to fight for Liberty.

I am not saying that I will support Romney this November, but after the election is over and regardless of who wins, I will be networking locally with my liberty minded GOP friends to chart a course of action. After all, most all those really old RNC farts I saw in TV yesterday will be either be dead or have dementia in 2016 and I certainly don’t want the Santorum/Beck clan of the party taking it over. I am also not suggesting people should or should not support the Libertarian party as there may be advantages to either path as a common goal to Liberty in the short run, but Ron Paul already defected from the GOP once and his experience led him back to the GOP where his lone voice did very little for years until the economic conditions were right for people to start waking up to his message. Once an outcast, he is now respected and even admired by more and more of the GOP and that admiration will only continue to grow as conditions further deteriorate and others become more educated about the true importance of individual liberty.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

The points made in the article

do make you wonder if we haven't all been had.

It should not surprise anyone.

Distant hands in foreign lands turning hidden wheels;
Causing things to come about that no one seems to feel;
All invisible, from where we stand, the connections come to pass;
And though too strange to comprehend, they effect us nonetheless

~ James Taylor

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Dr. Paul's Interview With Cavuto From Last Night

Made it pretty clear that he did not take Rand's future into account when deciding anything.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I agree--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You didn't join the GOP

There's your tin foil hat spidey sense.. Had you done what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, join the GOP, get a central committee seat, become a delegate. you would have been in touch with the campaign on at least a state, district or county level.

Those who did what Ron paul asked were always able to reach someone.

Those who did not.. well, they outted themselves. It was YOUR CHOICE.

So for you to whine about the campaign and your guesses about what was going on.. all you're telling those of us who did what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do is YOU didn't.

You're a dissappointment.

Now the campaign and Ron paul have asked you to stay in the Ron paul rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN Party so you CAN fight?

O'm going to guess that YOU won't. Oh you really like Ron Paul BUT. Gotcha.. you would rather run away and give tptb POWER, than to join the GOP and FIGHT WITH RON, RAND, and the rEVOLution working to restore america to constitutional government and bill of rights.

I have been a member of the GOP for 25 years.

Were a closed primary state. Granger I appreciate your input but you simply have no clue as to what you are talking about. I went through the process you suggested but in PA, internationally known as one of the most restrictive states in the electoral process, it's not as easy as you suggest. The PAGOP and Democratic Parties are jackbooted thugs that do everything in their power to squash opposition from outside and dissent from within. Rarely do we have legitimate primaries as the parties throw their full weight behind an establishment candidate long before primary day forcing all but the political kamikazes out of the race. And not only do they lawyer up against third party ballot petitions, they have been known to lawyer up against ballot petitions from challengers within their own party. We have begged them to change ballot access requirements. We have handed out petitions to eliminate the early committee endorsements that rob Republican voters of a choice. And for our efforts in most cases, security shows us the door. Essentially if you don't know someone and have not been thoroughly vetted by the party elite, you will get nowhere near a committee seat or a delegate spot. How many delegates from PA went to Paul yesterday?

But I have remained a member of the GOP nonetheless. I have been following and supporting this man since 1997. Contributing to his campaigns although he represented TX and I lived in PA. So please Granger, save your assumptions. I am not running from anything or conceding anything. Only suggesting that from here on out I will look EVERY gift horse in the mouth. If you are honest with yourself, you saw the same campaign problems I did. What is truly disappointing is that instead of removing the self imposed blinders either the result of pride or ignorance, you would sooner cannibalize anyone who might accuse the campaign or doctor of being human and possibly sacrificing some of his hard and fast principles for the sake of his offspring. And in our efforts to elect a champion like Paul who is as rare as hens teeth, we may have forgotten or overlooked the simple but powerful axiom "trust but verify". We trusted, but how many of us actually verified? I know I didn't. I was more than willing to dismiss anomalies as inner flaws. As quite a few of us did. Crying foul at anyone who might suggest that the doctor was not giving it his all.

Did he lie to us, no. But telling a bald faced lie is not the only form of deceptions. There are lies by omission. If you read this link as I did. I tried to find and poke holes in logic and timing of this piece, but none of my criticisms would hold up. The logic was sound and the time line was dead on. And like I said, I could be dead wrong and as the title suggests I hope that I am. But I do not engage in hero worship and if I am going to tout myself as a critical thinker, I must accept the possibility that this may in fact be true. And time will tell.

But one undeniable fact is that Rand is not Ron. He is a far more political creature willing to sacrifice principles and truth for personal gain. You don't get to be the party darling without being willing to sacrifice. I will not shun him. But I will not blindly give my support to him because he shares the brand name his father created. He will most definitely have to earn it. If you choose to take marching orders blindly from him because of his brand, you do so at your own peril.

How many county central committee members did you recruit....


None? Well that's why.

The good doctor even GAVE YOU an organization called Campaign for Liberty FOUR YEARS AGO to help you recruit, train and deploy many many more activists in your local party precisely so what you wrote above wouldn't happen.

Did you avail yourself of it?

I'll been $100 the answer is no. And you're complaining? Frankly, I should complain for your lack of working SMARTER when it was needed (four years ago to two years ago).

Being a member of the GOP IS NOT ENOUGH. How many times and how many years do we need to say that? YOU HAD FOUR YEARS. And you're complaining now? And you're complaining about others?

I'd look in the mirror.


It was where we handed out petitions to end early committee and party endorsements and where we were shown the door.


You have every right to return as a guest. I was a guest for a year, never missed a meeting. You can find out if there are seats open from your county clerk, if they do not tell you, and I see no reason they will not answer your questions, what they don't want is your opinion until you have a seat.. you can find out who they are, what district, how much time they have left to serve..

What I did, is showed up, and I would take my own roll call.. I got a copy of the By-Laws that says a member missing three consecutive meetings is cause for removal.. so when a member would miss three meetings, I would ask for them to be removed and replace them. My elected seat starts in January.. they gave me an appointed seat just to stop me from challenging them.

Had you showed up to our meeting to pass out petitions, you would be shown the door... we have an agenda.. and you must get anything like petitions on the agenda to be heard. So what they did may have offended you.. but it was legal.. It would have been better just to go and listen.. observe, get to know who they are,,, who shows,, what districts they represent.

These committees are the key and it does not take many of us, but it take those who are determined..

The committee meetings are open to guests.. they may or may not allow you to voice an opinion,, you will not get to vote until you get your seat. It's worth it. Once you have a seat.. everything changes.. for the better for Ron Paul rEVOLution.

Glad to see you're fighting for liberty in PA!

I'm a fellow resident as well but rather new to politics. This year was my first voting in a primary. Sorry to put you on the spot, but do you have any recommendations on how to get involved? I don't want to lose the momentum we've gained and wish there was a more central way to organize with like-minded liberty thinkers in our state.

Depending on your County

You may be able to get involved. Some Counties in Penna (like mine - Delaware County) are far too corrupt to waste your time on. Go to your local meet-ups and contact your fellow local supporters. As you probably know, JUDGES are elected in Pennsylvania. The GOP Party Hacks are very well established in most Counties due to the severe corruption having to do with the purchase of Judges through campaign donations. Perhaps you have heard of the "Kids for Cash" scandal in Luzerne County. Prepare to donate to your local and county Judges campaigns if you want anybody to even talk to you. Committe man or committe woman is the best thing to try for if it is possible to do in your locality. Many are guaranteed bought and paid for seats for local hacks and you will have no chance at all against them. Read a book called Lawyers,Judges and Journalists: The Corrupt and the Corruptors [Robert B. Surrick]It names names and tells the story of the deep corruption in the Pennsylvania GOP. You may even know some of the offenders if you have lived here awhile.

Wow, thank you!

I live in York County and judging by the few Ron Paul meet ups I've attended, the establishment hacks are quite plentiful around here. I'll definitely check out your book recommendation. I didn't know PA was so bad!

Also from Pa - GOP for 35 years

I changed my Party a few days ago. Can you believe the form says only Republican, Democrat, unafilliated or other. Here in Pennsylvania, you cannot register Libertarian or Independant unless you choose "other" and hand - write your wishes on the form (no space provided for this). Also, when you print the Change of Party form off the website, they have it in a light blue font that doesn't print on a black cartridge. Unless you have a color printer and color ink cartridge, it doesn't work (I am savvy enough to get around this but how many are?) Furthermore, there is no way to register or change Party online. Only snail mail or a personal visit. Voter suppression by the GOP has disenfranchised many potential voters (especially Dems) in Pennsylvania. You must have a drivers license or a Pennsylvania resident ID number or you can't register at all. New laws proposed by the GOP will make it even harder to Register and vote in Pennsylvania. Goodbye to the GOP . Once I got to know you a little better, I realized I am not one of you.



Is is possible, at least POSSIBLE

That Ron Paul really was looking forward to retiring,

and got pulled into this final hurrah,

and knew that the game would be rigged against him anyway,

and was smart enough, is smart enough, to play his game well while simultaneously letting some of those beneath him 'blow it',

all while being there and helping fuel a thousand different fires that are now raging at the local and state level, which is what really counts?

Is it possible?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I believe Ron Paul

has known the whole system has been rigged for decades. I also believe integrity drove him to take many of the stands he has taken trusting the outcome to God. He is a believer and we believers fight the good fight knowing Who is in control and resting in His will.

There is an eternity - this life is not all there is.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul