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We all owe the maine delegates a salute. We should be very proud of our men and women.

The maine delegates stood firm and strong. We all owe these guys a shout out. If you havent watched the video on the front page about them do it NOW. It is heartbreaking... No one from Romneys or Obamas camp would care enough to cry over not being seated at a convention... But we do. I will never quit the fight for liberty. No matter how long it takes, liberty and peace will flood this nation again. There is nothing they can do to stop us...Therefore, we have already won. We grow at their expense. The more they oppress us, the harder we push. Maine job well done. Never Quit

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Maine! Maine! Maine!

See, we can shout things too, just like the Romneybots!

But on a serious note, the cause of liberty has never been better served than by the regular folks up in Maine who spent heavens knows how many hours and days of their life fighting for liberty in our time. They had the courage to stand up to the corrupt GOP leaders all the way to Tampa.

Hear hear

We can all be proud of these courageous men and women.