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If Ron Paul Moderated the Presidential Debates

What a wonderful dream; Ron Paul posing his questions in a Presidential debate.

"How do you justify U.S. Imperialism in other countries?"

"Please explain your reasoning for putting NATO or UN resolutions ahead of the U.S. Constitution.

"Can you please outline why you feel The War on Drugs increases personal liberty?"

"Could you please tell us your understanding of who controls the media in this country?

"Define the Military Industrial Complex."

"Please justify The Department of Education based on it's cost and performance? The same with the Depart of Energy.

"Please explain the benefits of a central bank."

"Please define specifics regarding how you would cut spending."

"What will be your emergency response plans when the dollar collapses?"

"Explain your understanding Austrian Economics"

Come on everyone, post more topics for a debate moderated and the questions posed by Dr. Paul.