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Ron Paul, The REAL Republican Elephant

The Republican party is often symbolized by an Elephant, a symbol that has many meanings when asking different people and different generations.

But when I take that infamous Elephant into consideration, and I think of the nominees presented at the Republican National Convention of 2012, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, I realize the true symbolism provided by the Republican Elephant.

The Elephant symbolizes the TRUTH. The Republican Elephant is the “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM”, the ignored truth in the room, in society.

The TRUTH about the TRUTH, is that regardless of the rewards, consequences, emotions, drama, and POLITICS, the TRUTH is still the TRUTH.

The Republican Elephant and the RNC Nominee are supposed to be principled, supposed to stand their ground, supposed to shout and propagate the truth, EVEN IF THAT MEANS BEING “THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM”.


I ask you today, Delegates and Citizens, to truly think about that, to assess how much you truly care for what you say you care about, to think about the TRUTH, and to also ask yourself,

Will electing a RINO to beat a DONKEY solve the problem that in these times, only an ELEPHANT can solve?


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/08/28/romney-goes-anti-gr...

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