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Two Awesome Ideas on What to do Next: Tom Woods as a Candidate and Infiltrate the Presidential Debates.

1. Tom Davis is already on the way to challenging Lindsey Graham for a Senate Spot. Now we need to get Tom Woods to run. I really like his speaking ability. He has a facebook page with 25k likes. Lets up that number and tell him he should run for office. Flood his page with those suggestions. He would be a Kansas representative and they could use more Tea Party/Liberty candidates.

2. We should infiltrate the Presidential Debates. This is what we do: Find out the process on which they select those town halls. Then we submit our questions about mind-numbing social issues. When its our turn to speak we go off card and start talking about the Federal Reserve or any other IMPORTANT issue.

Lets get some more posts with ideas like this that might work, but its really a brain storm. HAHA, I think I just want something to do during the presidential campaign because I really cant stand them. Lets keep busy for the rest of the 2012 election with more ideas like these.

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I posted the same thing about Tom Woods a few days ago.

And btw, Tom can always drop out if he wants to... All I care about is having him in the debates.

Plus, not to mention he'd sell a TON of books if he ran for president. People would find what he has to say fascinating and buy his books to learn more. It's a win-win.

Tom has to run for office. He has no choice.

Tom Woods, Peter Schiff

Both would be great debaters.

I'm about to drive up to

I'm about to drive up to Kansas (I'm in oklahoma) and force him at gun point to run. It's just not very practical.

Tom woods won't run

I love him but he has said numerous times he will not run.

He can be pressured still

I think he would. Kansas is open to change

We NEED more men to give our money too -- Great Digg

Billions and Billions spent per Election Cycle and Neither Side (of the gonerned) ever gets what they wanted -- not all of it anyway.

Yet we get enough or we get close enough to "try-try-try again"

Imagine if every dollar we spent on RP's known slim-chances of winning were spent on pooled entrepreneurial projects -- each of us would have "netted" a profit; and each year thereafter (from 2007) we would have netted more.

I think less than 1% of the Ron Paul Community understands what a free-market would look like and NONE of them have read Mises opinions on how to maintain one, once you have it.

So people are fighting for what? An "imagined" better world -- one they are not prepared to enter nor do they have the FOGGIEST ideas of what a transition would look like.

But they fight like hell for it -- hahahahaha.

Why not "know the destination" and have strong theory on how to maintain it -- before you start fighting?

Maybe you are fighting FOR corporatism (which I believe is what we've done in the RP Movement) -- we've fought for a Free-Market "flavored" Corporatism.

Im just going to refer you to the Kickstarter website

Go do your thing man



Boehner Must Go


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Tom Woods, Tom Davis, Thomas Massie

Lets see if we cant get Tom Hanks--psych hes an Obama supporter, but hes still as American as apple pie.