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We are a strong movement lets not waste it

Many of us may feel defeated but we have come so far
We have learned, we have become a strong community and have learned to work together
There are many many knowledgable talented people on here
We as in we the people can do much good if we keep moving forward
With the movement There's power in numbers and we have lots of people with us now
Why not start petitions to push certain bills thru congress or find ways to arrest or impeach those
Going about destroying our constitution and performing treasonous acts
You know how persistent we can be we can pick one or two top priority projects
Put our time and effort into making change because after all the government is suppose to work for us
We r not suppose to work for them. With that said its time to (1)replace and hold accountable the people who work for us My top priorities would be put thru a bill in where jail time is mandatory for The politicians that
Go against the people's will Or don't take their oath of office serious (2) take away their benifits why should they have better retirement plans and health care than us so no life time pension and they will have the health care we the people decide to let them have (3) impeach the president for treasonous acts upon the American people
After all it should be as simple as that. We MUST take our country back and we have that right we don't need permission like they want us to believe , we should be able to get a federal Marshel and start arresting people .
If we organize properly , stick together i think we can get the American people to jump in the bandwagon
Once We start having success
So let's hear Ur wish list , say top three issues u want to change
Once we see how the community is feeling we can then put our heads together and start making Plans for some change
We don't need to sit around and wait till next election cycle and just maybe we can get somethig on a ballot by November
Sorry for the lengthy post but I can't sit by any longer and wait for another
Dr Paul

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Send a message to the GOP, and move forward

We are still the same force we were before this convention started; A force to be reckoned with!

We warned the GOP to stop their shenanigans, but they refused. Now it's TIME we let them know we meant it. We owe them the clear message that the GOP won't be getting our votes come November.

This can only be done in one way!

We CANNOT vote Romney and certainly NOT for Obama, but only for a third party candidate. (I don’t care who it is, although I think we need to be united about it)

This will send the massage the GOP needs to learn, we will not be fxxcked with, and when you do we're out of your Republican Party.

It's doubtful our third party vote will win us the White House, but as the November election results are analyzed it will certainly be sending a very clear message to the GOP, 'You really screwed up'!

The Winds of Change!

Let's focus our energy on restoring our liberties not the GOP!

I feel the same way you do! I do not want to see us lose the momentum we have worked so hard for. Trying to fix the GOP is a waste of our time and energy. They are rotten to the core. Let them take their ball and go home. Please see my post "Where do we go from here?" I , like you, have been brainstorming on what our next step could be. I'd love to have your feedback :)

"There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." -John Heywood 1546
Dr. Ron Paul is my HERO!

There are a lot of groups forming in my area

These groups don't know everything but at least they are fighting something.Tomorrow night is the Agenda 21 meeting.Rosa Koire
will be speaking to 150 people and educating them on Agenda 21.
Some of the Tea Party groups are branching out and joining other
groups.It's great to see so many people getting involved.

Heard a great interview with

Heard a great interview with her recently:

Rosa Koire - Hour 1 - Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21
August 16, 2012

Activist, speaker, and blogger, Rosa Koire is a forensic real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. Her research into and fight against redevelopment led her to UN Agenda 21 and was the genesis to co-found the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, and the Post Sustainability Institute. She has been speaking and inspiring groups nationally to take action. She is the author of Behind The Green Mask. Don’t miss this important program as Rosa details how Agenda 21 is being used to transition the world into a global totalitarian state where one must pay to live. She’ll explain how this agenda is the biggest public relation scam in history. We’ll cover how this plan is designed to destroy the individual, create scarcity and make us vulnerable to control. Rosa talks about the ideology of Communitarianism, which is similar to Communist China, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Later, we’ll discuss the hypocrisy, the propaganda and how to fight back. In the second hour, we’ll talk about how we’ll see Agenda 21 in our towns as well as the different names gives for the agenda. We’ll speak more about Communitarianism. Agenda 21 calls for people to be moved out of the rural areas and into the cities, living in high rise gulag-esque apartments. Rosa talks about the covert ways in which they’ll fulfill their agenda. She’ll speak more how this agenda is a comprehensive plan for every part of our lives from exercise, to diet and lifestyle. We’ll also discuss how eugenics, surveillance, mind control techniques and corrupt companies are connected to Agenda 21. The middle class is now deemed “un-sustainable” and must fall far for “social equity.” Later, we’ll discuss newspeak, religious aspects of the green movement and what the world will look like post sustainability. Rosa speaks more about what the resistance to Agenda 21 can do.