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Ron Paul releases his 'Thank You' Statement

Ron Paul releases his 'Thank You' statement on his campaign website.


Dear Friend,

I can't tell you how touched I've been by my supporters' generosity from day one of my Presidential campaign.

Your support has made an incredible impact that will continue on well into the future. In fact, as I look back at the past year, I'm literally amazed at how far we've come.

Today, we can catch a glimpse of our future - and it's a bright one.




Thank you Dr. Paul! We are all grateful for what you've done for us and the liberty movement and we will not stop fighting! We know that you will not ask us to compromise our principles, or compromise in the great fight for Liberty. As you have done your duty, so now we must do ours. Thank you for all the lessons and for teaching us to see with eyes wide open. Thank you for giving us all a place to rally and to stand with you for integrity, courage, high principles, and love. Thank you for all of your speeches that have opened my eyes to the truth around me. You have done a great service to America by helping to awake the remnant. Rest assured – this goal will continue to be pursued. We will not fail you. We will continue to spread the Message of Liberty. America will one day – once again – be freed from the jaws of tyranny. Undoubtedly – when we win – history will credit your valiant effort, and you will be revered as figure in the company of America’s greatest politicians such as Thomas Jefferson. You have inpired so many, and woken the world up to a better way. You have shown the people what it means to live in freedom. I want to thank you for fighting alone for so long. We can only go forward now with what you have taught us all. And so it will be. The message of our movement is what's important, but there's no one like you! You'll always be my president!

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Thank YOU Ron.

Thank YOU Ron.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein