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Ron Paul Delegate speaks out About GOP Corruption on CNN

Paul Supporters Challenge RNC Rules


"We would like to amend the credentialing report when it's brought to the floor and if that's possible, we would like to get our duly-elected delegates sat back on the floor. As far as my own personal resolve, if they're not willing to sit 7 out of 8 who are veterans, a priest, a pastor, a Native American, and countless woman back on this floor, and allow the RNC nine-state committee who picked these other delegates to continue to sit here, I really don't want to participate after that. I will walk off the floor, yes". ~ Bryan Daughtry

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It's not about passion Dana,

It's not about passion Dana, it's about what's right and wrong. It's about the gop protesting that Obamacare was shoved down their throats with back room deals, and then doing the exact same thing in this power-grabbing convention. More proof there is NO difference between the 2 candidates. Just feels like Wizard of Oz - who is the man behind the curtain??

I would bet that

Dana Bash was one of those people in your childhood friends that everyone hoped would NOT be the one questioned by your parents (or police). Like a deer in headlights. Homina homina Ron Paul homina homina passion homina that's all folks.

Great job, dude! You dropped

Great job, dude! You dropped some knowledge and reason on the airwaves.

HA HA !!

Dana Bash has a look on her face like, thank God they are not attacking me this time. She is gun shy of Dr. Paul supporters.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

wow. impressed with Maine.


Oh now

this prestitute whore calls him Dr. Paul.

To hell with the GOP

I wish we could just abolish these ultra-corrupt parties.

Hats off too Mr Daughtry for doing a great job representing us. Although, I would have asked Dana Bash is she was still worried about Ron Paul.


You guys are a bunch of clowns - I have to wash my face after reading the garbage you post.

"We're going to take over the GOP from the inside out".

You're gonna get your heads busted, fingers broken, and run out of state conventions from now on, because Jeb "The Fixer" Bush has been taking notes, and the GOP will not allow what just happened in 2012 to EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Get smart, dupes - get away from all the establishment types (including Doug Weak) and anybody named Paul, and start a REAL revolution.

Be seeing you.

right on, NumberSix

Some people you just can't reach. You can tell them a hundred times that the stove is hot, but they are gonna have to get burned to learn. Or become corrupted by the process.

"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut


Great answers. Clear and concise. Way to go maine

Sounds like she forgot her lines at the end.

See how scared reporters are to say the ethical thing?

She summed up the interview with a lame statement about passion rather than truth. Why not just say the truth - Republicans are cheating Ron Paul.

Those crazy passionate whackos


She's terrible.

I've turned the coronation on about 5 times now. Watched about 4 minutes total.

All in good time

we will take over the party from the ground up.

She actually did pretty well I thought.

He did a great job representing Maine, and those of us not in Maine. Glad to have him there. Congratulations Maine, you have some fine individuals who will hopefully stay involved once they get home.

Dana bash?

Geez... I would have told her to keep walking...

All mass media sources are GOP corruption enablers !!


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

This was a GREAT interview---glad Dana was "fair"

This young man represented all RP supporters so well. He stated his objections very clearly, everything! Congrats on that. Not totally sure you should leave, but I might do the same thing, just based on principle alone.

The RINOS are powermongering losers, and will lose the election, unless the elites have decided they want Romney.

REMEMBER, the national vote counting machine bought by Goldman Sachs' retired v.p.'s based out of London at Balderton Capital & located in Spain~~~will be rigging the national election and the masses are TOTALLY CLUELESS about this.

We have become a BANANA REPUBLIC, folks.

All those trying to change the GOP...

good try but as this guy said the new rules make the party a top down power structure and liberty supporters will never be put in power positions only select minions of the elite will. Ron should have used the debates as free advertising and then ran third party and won.


A third party run is a loser and a one-off. He has tried that before. The 2012 campaign was the most successful libertarian campaign ever and we need to build on the success, not quit and retreat to the shadows again.

The Republicans and Democrats are one party....

Sorry but you are Dead wrong. BOTH PARTY ARE TREATING THE CONSTITUTION AND OUR LIBERTIES LIKE TRASH! The are no different they both support the patriot act, NDAA, more war, droans,tsa, and More Debt. There is no difference in Romney than Obama this country is f.cked if we don't wake up soon

Keep voting for the same old parties and watch America die! I am going to try to save my country by Working in the Libertarian Party and voting third party!

LIVE Free,
Matthew Schutter
Jim Thorpe Pa


Need to do this at local, district, state and national levels.



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