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My Letter To Rand Paul

Please join me in writing Rand Paul. His contact info is here:

Dear Senator Paul,

With much horror I watched a day of cheating and dirty tricks against duly elected delegates from Maine, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

After an entire year of dirty tricks and cheating most notably against Maine, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, and very likely huge fraud in every state that used electronic voting machines, even Ron Paul supporters were shocked at what happened today at the convention.

To see them push through a rules change using a dubious voice vote where there was much opposition, and then to use that to immediately change the requirements for nomination AFTER Dr. Paul submitted his five states for nomination, has outraged every last supporter across America.

It is up to you to do the right thing in your speech and to call them out for their fraud, their cheating, and to withdraw your nomination of Mitt Romney. They should go down in history as the party of shame.



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