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Screwing with Mitten's speech on Thursday

You can't play nice with fascists, or you get kicked in the privates. We still have one card to play, the presence of our delegates at Mittens' coronation on Thursday. We need to think of ways we can voice or disapproval of Dr. Paul not being shown the respect he deserves.

Do we boo Mitt right before the person who presents him finishes? What else can we do? Can we smuggle noise makers into the arena some way?

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If I was there...

and saw what a sham the whole thing was I would boo the crap out of Romney and chant cheater. It might be childish but it would make me feel better. Do it delegates he deserves it!

This would seriously make you

This would seriously make you feel better?
How old are you, 15?

Kicking and yelling is expected. Thats boring. Happens all the time in politics.
Why not go all out and broadcast (mega phone) previous Romney speeches that undermine/contradict his current stance on the issues?

Its not enough to be rude and obnoxious in politics.
You have to make it hurt by attacking their reputations, their records, their contradictions, et al.

Or perhaps a complete absense of anything Ron Paul or libertarian would be more effective?