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Reality Check: Ben Fact Checks His Interview With Romney - Pants On Fire!

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Romney = Obama

Once again it is proved that they are literally the same. They spout off lies to make you think they are different and that you are really voting on something. ROTFL

vote 3rd party!

Ben is looking for the wrong story...

When EVERYTHING the Republican Party speaks IS A LIE, the real story would be to catch ANYONE in the Republican Party actually telling the truth!

Their strategy is: just saying it makes it so! Someone suggested the GOP change their logo from an elephant to a UNICORN! (but then again, when have they ever held themselves to the standard of "Truth in Advertising!"

Most politicians lie.....They only care about getting re-elected

Thus, they have no principles. They will say and do whatever to get elected..

It has been my observation that principled candidates are kept from big congressional appointments, such as chairmanships of committees. They are kept "out of the loop in many cases and rarely are mentioned in the press or interviewed on TV or radio..

Can you think of any elected official working in the congress that was and is largely ignored and discredited because he is a principle man?

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He caught him in a lie it

He caught him in a lie it sounds like? will have to wait until tonight to listen to it...

Imagine that... The

Imagine that... The conclusion is that Romney and Obama are largely the same, if not exactly the same, on this issue.

Thank you to Ben Swann for the video and always seeking the truth.

Thinking the same thing and

Thinking the same thing and yes thanks Ben!

Big bump

Thanks for posting.

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