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Lesson to Learn for the future

Be realistic and do not spread misinformation.
Do not put out inaccurate wildly over optimistic disinformation not based on evidence or numbers plucked out of thin air.
Put out pieces that raise enthusiasm but not at the expense of realising goals.

Statements such as we are not where we want to be, but if we redouble our efforts we CAN do this, are much better than "we are winning" when we are clearly not.

We moan about the disinformation put out by Fox etc. and then a number of people on here were guilty of exactly the same sort of thing, issuing propaganda for our side not based on evidence.

A clear example of this was in the running delegate counts.
People like Matt Larson put out wildly inaccurate over optimistic delegates won, based on no evidence.
It seems they were numbers plucked straight out of thin air - like MSM.

He did our cause harm.
If a message had gone out that we were not where we wanted to be but we CAN do this if everybody helps, would have been far more helpful - more practical actions by more people would probably have been done.
If messages had gone out we needed MORE activism to get to where we wanted to be, we might have got some more activism and got nearer to where we wanted to be.
Of course every post and vid from Matt Larson got rave reviews, people wanted to believe them, but as I expected they were false dreams and hopes and did not encourage people to put real effort in.

Of course the campaign team did nothing to help in any way whatsoever.
They did not do the things that needed to be done.
Lots of things that could of been done at very little or negligible cost were not done.
Like changing the language of the message in Ron Paul's stump speeches to appeal to more mainstream middle class voters and do better in primaries.
Like getting the vote out - 1% of young eligible voters actually voted in many caucuses and very few in primaries.
How about collecting up some waiters/waitresses/cabbies/hotel staff/bar staff that rely on tips and getting them to vote. Zero tax on tips.
How about arranging an after vote party at college campuses?
Free entry if you voted for Ron Paul. Just lay on a venue and some music. Bring your own drink and food.

The final results.
Mitt Romney - 2061
Ron Paul - 190
Abstain - 23
Rick Santorum - 9
Buddy Roemer - 1
Jon Huntsman - 1
Michelle Bachmann - 1

My final delegate count.
You will need to read the assumptions in the notes. None (or 10) of the "stealth delegates" got to vote for Ron Paul, it looks like 23 got to abstain. (My heart sank when the Ma nos were read out.)

Notes as we went along.

Delegate counts over time, as elections and conventions proceeded.

My delegate counts were always voted down.
They were always pretty much spot on.

I also put out a realistic perspective of where we were and what could still be done.
But there was very little or zero enthusiasm for doing any of the things mentioned.

Hardly anything was done about this either.

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