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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Interviews Rand: "Republican Officials Clearly Snubbed Ron Paul."

It seems that CNN's Wolf Blitzer is more annoyed about RNC's behavior toward Ron Paul than Rand Paul.

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Go Rand, GO! Play it cool,

Go Rand, GO!

Play it cool, don't let the scum at CNN ruffle you. You have lofty goals, so stay on the path.

For all the fools below, you are as blind as they come!

Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul

Not even close. End of story.

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For heaven's sake

C'mon, Rand looks mildly annoyed regardless of what is happening. I'm sure he looked the same way on his best day.

Also, Rand has grown up getting used to how the RNC treats his father. He has had to deal with it continuously for decades. I'm sure his outrage meter has broken by now.

I would like rand a lot more

if he was more like ron.

We are going to have a dollar collapse

I believe Ron Paul can still become president.
I will also support Ron Paul becoming gold commissioner and fed policy advisor.
Creating a whole new branch of government designed to protect the dollar from scammers (bank cartels, imc, CIA)
All other branches.
Something not like a judicial system but an investigative branch.
The government thinks they can keep an eye on us?
We must turn it inside out and use it on them.
Every will turn to Paul when the dollar collapses.
I am pretty confident Obama will become president again.
The liberty movement will thrive on the downfall of the Obama administration and the dollar.
By Xmas time this year it will be apparent the the dollar bubble will burst really soon but it will be too late Obama will win the election but may never really be swarn in due to Marshall law and civil unrest by January till the point where
The only guy that has the answer was Ron Paul.
They will ultimately swear Ron Paul in as president and impeach Obama and reverse Marshall law and reinstate the gold commission. Ron Paul will do his thing and step down and Rand Paul will take over with Ron Paul becoming president of the investigative branch of the united states of America.


we now have our own chameleon.....STICK IT TO EM RAND! (when they don't even know it's happening!)


Rand is tip - toeing around the line.... If your goal is INFILTRATION - GOOD ON YOU! If you are just frikking confused and pandering for a political career - SCREW YOU!!!

If the game really is infiltration hes pulling it off like a pro

But it's hard to tell if that's his sole motivation or if careerism also plays a role.

I dont like the

Way Rand OR the campaign played their hands in May. They made their bed and now we will all lay in it for at least 4 more years. That is totally beside the.point of who Rand is as a person. He has a voting record that is more pleasing to me than 99 other Senators! If that isn't enough to keep you at least a bit hopeful for a Presidential run, than you aren't living in a sane world. Dr. Paul often speaks of avoiding absolutes. If he were offered a bill that would cut 1 trillion dollars per year in spending, but also raise taxes 1% he would probably take it and rightly so. Rand is also attempting to fund a compromise that will help save our country. I don't know if it will work, but i appreciate his effort.

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@3:30 Blitzer: You wholeheartedly endorse Romney/Ryan.

Rand: Yes



Rand totally takes a political risk by putting in a comment about congress healthcare, Blitzer cuts him short AND BARELY ANYONE HERE MENTIONS IT!!

You're all too busy debating on of he will or won't be supported by you while he's doing the hard work.

Think about it. Rand is the ticket to make libertarianism mainstream.

He was advocating for

He was advocating for socialized medicine, congress should pay for their own healthcare.

No thanks.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity


He was highlighting the subject, they didn't like that.

They get excellent paid for healthcare by taxpayers. They get excellent medical care at the expense of others (don't bring that up shhh, cut cut!)

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There are two forces at work here.

1. Political baiting by Blitzer. He could care less about Ron Paul, but he does in this situation as the disenfranchised senior Congressman is given short (no) shrift by the GOP and his son doesn't seem to mind.

2. Political apologist for the GOP by Rand Paul. Whether this is either a not-taking-the-bait approach by Rand or simply covering for the GOP to keep up the appearance of being a team player, is unknown. I would have defended my father first, especially if my father was Ron Paul, but that's just me.

"the interesting thing is.."

Stop saying that every time you start a sentence off Rand. It's really not interesting that Wolf Blitzern is defending your father better than you, or at all in your case. Your a bullshitter of the highest order that needs to go off into a smoke-filled back room with Jesse Benton Trgve Olsen and all these other turncoats and have a massive circle jerk in honor of your "successful compromises" you've made with the establishment. Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver you douchebag...

Senator Quisling is deluded.

Senator Quisling is deluded. He thinks that Romney and the Republicans care about the platform. Selling out your father for a platform is like selling your soul for a corndog. Only a fool makes a deal like that.

Rand is clearly not

Rand is clearly not Ron...


He is playing the game. If you continue to be inflexible then you will continue to live in political no-man's land like the Libertarian Party.

I like Gary Johnson better than Rand

Even if Johnson isn't as well versed on libertarian theory as some would like he seems more pure of heart to me. So I disagree that Rand is 'all we got' as far as political figures go. And beyond political figures we have lots of great figures in the liberty movement like Tom Woods, Tom DiLorenzo, Walter Block, etc.

Don't be so down

We have Tom woods
And The Judge
I think Tom really needs to get involved real soon.

Stay tuned for what it gets

Stay tuned for what it gets him. Rand is a sad note in Ron Paul history.

"I dont know if will survive all the regulations"

Ran Paul

"I dont know if will survive all the regulations"

He goes on to say that he believe Romney will stop the spending and the Debt.

Is Rand Paul on the Same Planet as the "End the Fed" movement.

Romney doesn't denounce the Federal Reserve, then he is no different then Obama.

Wake Up Rand Paul, there is no difference

Stop thinking about your career in politics and use what you have learned.

Individualism at its best. (Rand Paul) looking out for himself - The individual.

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco


"He goes on to say that he believe Romney will stop the spending and the Debt."

Rand most certainly did not say that.

He implied that the deficits would be worse under Obama, but that doesn't mean he thinks Romney would cut spending or reduce the deficit. It may mean only that he thinks Romney would increase spending less than would Obama.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I think as long as Ron Paul

I think as long as Ron Paul is alive and kicking, Rand Paul will not become corrupted. Ron Paul can talk to his son like no one else can. And Rand is always forced to listen. If we trust Ron, we should trust Rand. Nothing can be more influential than the wrath of a father whom you respect!

But Ron would never do

But Ron would never do that...he trusts the individual to make his own decisions and, I do not believe, he would ever dictate to Rand how to pursue his career.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I Believe You are

Correct. Ron Paul or Carol for that matter would NOT tell their adult children what to do. They taught them to take responsibility and live with the consequences.

I also feel that Ron Paul will be part of all political discussions with Rand for as long as he lives.

Can't help but feel that Rand has a long row to hoe following in his father's footsteps. Ron is soooooooooooo loved and we here are not yet willing to transfer that affection to his son.

At least that is the way it is for me.....but I am willing to start to keep an open mind.

Remember a parachute is like our minds........they both only work when they are open!

That's what they say in

That's what they say in public.... And I think that for the most part it's true. However, imagine Rand voted for the NDAA or the Patriot Act. You don't think his father would sit him down and grill him? His whole life dedicated to fighting these things, with his son Rand by his side for the last 25 years. If you think Rand takes this responsibility lightly I think you're mistaken. I think he knows how important he is. Rand Paul is our "bridge" to mainstream America. Ron was the idea and Rand will be the implementor. However... Implementing an idea is a lot more ugly, complicated and dirty than just preaching it. We all have to remember that and allow Rand some "wiggle room".

And we just saw

how complicated dirty and ugly it truly is at this convention did we not?

I truy like your analysis.........and yes Rand is the implementor.

I wish Rand could use some humor with people like Blitzer and Hannity.......

One thing he did show Hannity ......is that he does not hold onto resentments. That is a good thing.....because when we do the ony one a resentment hurts is the resentor. He is good at letting what they say and do roll off his back. He learned that from his father. Remember what Ron said in his Tampa speech.......if he had allowed them to get to him he would have only lasted 5 years instead of the 30 years he did.

I coud not help but notice when Rand was speaking at the convention he got lots of applause. And how many millions of people heard him on Hanity and Blitzer ......... that is how we get our philosophy of freedom out there!

Ideals without illusions.

I see your point.

I see your point.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Wolf is from Buffalo

Now, he may have a job, but no one smells bulls**t like we do.

He is genuinely upset, as many, if not all true Americans are.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.


It's not part of the platform, it's just talk! They will never do anything about auditing the fed, or anything else they bring up that has to do with dr Paul. It's all just talk to shut us up and try and get us to keep them in power.