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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Interviews Rand: "Republican Officials Clearly Snubbed Ron Paul."

It seems that CNN's Wolf Blitzer is more annoyed about RNC's behavior toward Ron Paul than Rand Paul.

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I gave you guys WAY too much credit...

I actually thought most of you all were intelligent enough to see through political tactics and reveal to yourselves the true motives of not just our enemies, but our heroes as well. If you truly understand the concept of liberty, there's no deviating from it. This statement most certainly applies to Rand Paul. I know what he's doing... And after spending this weekend in Tampa with the Paul family and talking to them one on one, I feel more vindicated than ever when I say to you that Rand is completely in tune with his father's teachings. Are you all ignoring what we're up against? Stealth is the only option.

'Stealth' is just another

'Stealth' is just another word for dishonesty.

I supported Ron Paul because he was the one honest politician.

If working within the GOP requires our leaders to lie (including lies of omission), then it's the wrong strategy.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

Amen to that! nobody see's

Amen to that! nobody see's anything wrong with this interview? he's not even angry forhis father. I honestly think he's cool with how they treated him! rand paul is a neo con ya'll...... he voted for iran sanctions for godsake! open your eyes my people, rand paul is so corrupt

juan maldonado

Slow much?

Yeah, I'm sure he's just peachy keen with it. Do you really think no one out there can put a calm face on things and work to actually get stuff done as opposed to acting like an emotional child and throwing their work away?

What kind of child are you presupposing Rand is?

As for the Iran Sanctions thing, you don't know what you're talking about.


Rand STOPPED the sanctions from being much much worse and got them focused solely on Iran's central bank. He even got them to insert language to ensure that it couldn't be used for military authorization.

Never mind his defending private property rights. Never mind his filibustering the Patriot Act. Never mind the numerous bills he's submitted for Liberty. Never mind when he abuses Senate rules FOR US and for Liberty and gets himself in hot water. Never mind his having the best voting record in the Senate while maintaining himself as a leader to the rank and file GOP.

That all goes out the window because he doesn't throw a temper tantrum on national television? Boo hoo. Sorry Juan, but you need to wake up.

Eric Hoffer

Thank you for being a voice

Thank you for being a voice of reason in a room full of hysteria.

Blessings )o(

liberty people want transparency

but what they don't understand is that complete transparency gives all your enemies knowledge on how to defeat you...how to stop you before you get very far.

I think people are just naive on just how powerful the people are that we are trying to stop.

I also think there is an element of divide and conquer going on. Infiltration and sowing distrust is easy for bloggers to sway those without a critical mind.


Rand Paul is NOT the problem...we can find bigger problems

Don't be naive both the Pauls can not look like sore losers


Rand is showing what we have succeeded at and that WE ARE NOT DONE!

Rand can't whine or APPEAR to whine about injustice and cheating or it will be spun back against us.

You all want a Malcolm X type in your face response against the establishment from Rand? I got news for you, RON PAUL doesn't give that kind of response.

What your really mad at is his endorsement of Romney. I don't like it either but I'm not willing to throw out our best senator and our strongest constitutionalist politician for the future over a non effective endorsement that creates no law. Rands actions in the senate speak for itself.

So get over your Rand Rage and lets get on with the fight. Clearly there are monstrous sharks and serpents in the waters and Rand isn't one of them.

im sorry but your wrong! Ron

im sorry but your wrong! Ron Paul isnt like that, but Rand Paul is. How can you guys notsee what I see? Ron Paul said that his son will not vote like him all the time, but why not Dr? followthe constitution!!!! rand paul should know better! I mean I learned about the consitution from his father and rand just spits on it! rand paul has no guts at all...... f*cking Sellout, wakeup guys. bad interview2

juan maldonado

The only f*ucking Sellout is YOU

Ron Paul IS like that. If you see an interview from him he will not say "Oh they cheated, I could have won." They knew all along the fix was in. Then KNEW the GOP would not "LET HIM WIN". That's a direct quote. Ron Paul has never complained about how he has been treated and has only ever joked about it with a smile on his face. People have been terribly rude to him in interviews by asking questions like, "so Ron, what do you say to people who think your old and crazy and out of the mainstream?" Does Paul get angry or shout back? NO! He turns the question back at them by saying "what's crazy about the constitution".

YOU SPIT ON AND VIRTUALLY KNIFE one of our best Leaders in the liberty movement and the SON of Ron Paul because of your views on how to win this battle.

Why don't you go up to Ron Paul himself and say his son is a F*cking Sellout. NO? YOUR a F*cking COWARD behind a keyboard who will do nest to nothing for the liberty moment compared to Rand. Run for office! Make a difference. Stop knifing our own in the back!

No Its you actually! im no

No Its you actually! im no coward man, fought in Iraq in 2005 and seen whats goingon buddy!iwould have no problem telling Dr. Paul is son is a sellout! because he is.... didnt mention nothing, he defended romney. you need to wakeup, i country is falling apart and your trying to defend neo-con's

juan maldonado

Man up then!

Show your quality or back the F*ck up and let some one do it who will. OR are you all talk and no action?

I get the distinct IMPRESSION there are a LOT of TROLLS

TODAY on this website on this thread. I've also noticed a few times when I click the rating up or down that it doesn't register. Nystrom better double-check this feature!

Let's leave the f-- words off this board, ok?

I agree with the basic tenets of what you're saying, but your foul language is really turning me off.

Rand has a right to say & do & support whomever he wants. True, there is no real loyalty to his dad. That's evident. We can then just judge him on what he pushes & says & does as a Senator, JUST LIKE WE JUDGE ALL THE REST.

Dr. Paul is a "cut above" the rest. I will miss him, and there seems to be no one, save TOM WOODS, that I could wholeheartedly support for President in the future. I do, however, believe that we are headed for a severe financial crisis, sooner rather than later, and it will occur prior to the next election, imho.

Sorry but you see I was speaking a language he understood

he was the first to use so I used it in return to make a point.

but honestly, I don't use that language in my everyday life. I know more effective and intelligent words. I apologize for my offense.

neocon rand paul is NOT the future of the liberty movement

i am very very disappointed in rand. he sold his soul to the devil endorsing romney. i have very little respect for him now.


Liberty movement has no future if we divide ourselves over

an endorsement. You gut Rand because you decide he isn't brash enough or militant enough for you. Just where is that going to get you. Division and failure. Great job

i totally agree

i totally agree

rand will continue to disappoint, you can bet on it.

anyone who endorses romney has sold out.


right on!

right on!

I can't believe how Rand has

been so "respectful" towards the GOP after the treatment his dad got, not only this election, but last election as well. I've really got to question his character. Anybody that could let their dad get so shunned, and then climb into the getaway car with the crooks who do it is beneath my support. This guy has a dark gene somewhere in his slick suit. That's part of the Paul campaign failure. It's like the old saying, "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"

alan laney

That what I keep trying to

That what I keep trying to tell people! but they think im some kindof troll! even though during the primaries I was outside everyday fighting for Dr. Paul. honestly when Rand Paul voted for Sanctions on Iran i wasconfused, but than I realized that he's been compromised! i saw it and Iknow it..... we cant lie to ourselves ppl, just because he's ron paul's son! ifeel that he loves that his father is retiring, he thinks he's got us in the palm of his hand! lmao, he really does though

juan maldonado

It was SO NOTICEABLE that Wolfe was defending RP but Rand wasn't

Rand could have said, "Yes, it was a huge disappointment to me that he couldn't speak. I know why they refused him, but after 30 years of dedication, I think they should have at least let him say a few words."

But.....the BIG EGO RAND.....didn't...just couldn't bring himself to come to the defense of his own father which proves everything we've all said about him is true & quite frankly, VERY OBVIOUS. I am sure Mrs. Paul is disappointed, too, and the good doctor has got to be disappointed, but he won't say anything bad about his own son, being the kind of man he is...

Boy, it's really pathetic when Wolfe Blitzer comes to the defense of Dr. Paul, but his own son just can bring himself to do the same. Very sad day...for the Pauls.

It's shameful on Rand's part.

It's shameful on Rand's part. I could/would never have done to my dad what Rand did to his father. Disgusting.

And Rand acts so nonchalant about the whole deal as if it's another day in the great 'ol RNC/GOP party.

I honestly couldn't make it

I honestly couldn't make it past the 3 minute mark. Wolf, a guy that has seemed anti-Ron Paul for as long as I can remember, actually is defending Ron, asking legitimate questions for once, but Rand's nose is so far up the RNC's butt, wow. Lot of us will remember this. I hope everyone is happy. Maybe Rand can "cut some more deals". Because everyone knows the fed is getting a true audit. Yea right!

why are you being downvoted?

why are you being downvoted? what is going on this site? SoI guess its ok to cheat and lie and he endorses the same ppl who did that to his own father! they want Rand Paul to be his father so bad.....lol he voted for Iran Sanctions

juan maldonado

Blitzer seems to be more of a Ron Paul supporter than Rand is

I don't understand how Rand can sit there and defend or ignore the horrible way the RNC has treated his father. It is unbelievable to me that Blitzer seems in this interview to be more of a Ron Paul supporter than Rand is.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Rand Lost Me

At "My Dad's not cool"

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Rand wouldn't know cool - and

Rand wouldn't know cool - and he doesn't know family loyalty.

It says alot about his character.

Bye Bye

It is with great pleasure that I say goodbye to the Republican Party... forever. Hello Libertarian Party!