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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Interviews Rand: "Republican Officials Clearly Snubbed Ron Paul."

It seems that CNN's Wolf Blitzer is more annoyed about RNC's behavior toward Ron Paul than Rand Paul.

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Sorry Rand....

but they are playing you like a violin.... hopefully after 2016 when you are NOT chosen by the party elites to run for president you will realize that Ron was right all along...

Rand, you are a useful tool for the party now to quiet Ron and his supporters...what a shame.

I don't think Rand expects to

I don't think Rand expects to be chosen per se. He's just trying to make sure he can't be marginalized. We'll still have to fight to get him there but there won't be as many roadblocks they can use against him.

"We'll"? Who is this we?

"We'll"? Who is this we? Many of use are DONE with Randy.

Well, I'll stick by him. Not

Well, I'll stick by him. Not sure who else is better than he is.

On the endorsement

"It's just a difference of tactics...."

That says a TON folks. In 2016, I'll come back to the GOP for Rand.

But in 2012, I am gone from the GOP.

I would not vote for Rand now

I would not vote for Rand now or in the future. His actions this time around says it all for me.

Great job by Rand

There are too many here who underestimate the tremendous value of having a sitting Senator TWICE in one nationally televised interview use the word 'libertarian' favorably. This is of GREAT value to the liberty movement.

Rand is a fantastic asset to liberty.

I cannot wait for the '16 campaign. I'm actually thinking of moving to Iowa to help the Rand campaign ensure an Iowa victory. There will be no stopping Rand in Iowa. Remember, Ron virtually tied in Iowa and, let's face it, thousands of stupid voters didn't vote for him simply because he was 'too old'.

Rand won't have that baggage in LESS THAN THREE YEARS!

^ This ^

That would be awesome. It's funny to me how Iowa is becoming the state to move to for freedom supporters instead of New Hampshire.

Eric Hoffer

Please move to Iowa

Jefferson County is a great place to live:


Lets face it - you'll never wake up

Rand defending the RNC, Rand defending Romney, Rand pretending like there was no fraud at the primaries, no fraud at the state conventions, no fraud at the RNC.

Rand a genius? What a sucker you are...

I don't think you'll ever wake up.


could be a little harsh

but who am i?

not perfect, but definitely not focusing on other people's south end.


i agree with your take on compromising.....

but DAMN.....what? did you have ass for breakfast this morning?

Wow I don't know what he had

Wow I don't know what he had up his sleeve... When was asked about medicare he answered I would give the people the same health care we give congress! That was a great answer...

somehow i got confused on this

so subsidizing farmers or education is wrong but come health care it's perfectly fine? i'm lost.

will someone come and find me????

The Congressional health care

The Congressional health care is way better than anything they have dreamed up for the people... I think Rand is more than anything showing the hypocrisy of the system. All of congress get's it why shouldn't the American people? He is working within the system he was born into. He didn't create it but is trying to change it.

How did it work for Ron pushing the harder stance? He got national TV with the young man dying in the streets... Counting on the church to save him.... He lost about 80% of America the night of that debate.

..so long as you cut the

..so long as you cut the military budget. at least then the money is being used to take care of people here instead of for evil.

Exactly... Not to mention a

Exactly... Not to mention a lot less people will be dieing all around the world. You will never have a chance of winning over enough voters trying to change everything wrong day one. Military spending is by far the beast on our backs...

Kathleen Gee's picture

Genius performance by Rand Paul!

The hysterical anti-Randians have to understand that Rand Paul isn't talking to US. We already know what's going on. We're already awake.

Rand Paul is the "gateway drug" of the Liberty Movement for people like my mid-70s parents, who get all their information from Fox News. Rand is pleasant, likable, appears to be a solid Republican, and is thus non-threatening to them. He's attractive, a good speaker, and a great political strategist and tactician.

My parents will be willing to vote for Rand Paul in 4 years, even though they weren't willing to vote for Ron Paul this time.

Rand Paul is the Trojan Horse that will get Liberty inside the Neo-Con gates.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

We will see

Most of us have an emotional reaction against Rand because he did not take the direct approach of condeming the GOP for its actions against Ron. Wolf Blitzer was baiting him, trying to get him to, but Rand did not take the bait. On the inside of the senate he has much more influence than we realize. We will see and time will tell, I hope he did not sell out.

So you are saying that

Rand is "Just the tip" of the liberty movement?

“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people a


Why does this not have more up votes?

Eric Hoffer

I agree... The Congress

I agree... The Congress medical plan was brilliant...

Wow, my mind is blown.

I have laid back and not said a word about Rand either way because I was skeptical of all the negative talk about him. I figured everyone knows he's no Ron Paul but no one is, and hes gotta atleast be partway there. After seeing this video, I am disgusted. What a P.O.S. you would think Blitzer was Ron Pauls son with all the defending that he was doing, and Rand was some party stooge. Blitzer paid the utmost respect to paul and gave rand the greatest layups I've ever seen in an interview allow him to be able to support his father, and he took none of them. I'm pissed! Sickening.

don't you get it? it's safe

don't you get it?

it's safe to praise ron paul because now he poses no threat. and because a liberty candidate is playing along in the party and jumping through hoops as is expected, blitzer tries to make him look like a fool by calling him out on the endorsement and republican budget plan--as if there is a difference between either party. he is marginalizing rand's rise in the party, to squash any further progress by the liberty wing.



CNN was doing it's best to

CNN was doing it's best to get Rand to talk about about the GOP... They are looking to reelect Obama... anything bad out of the republicans is a good day for Blitzer..

Once you compromise

it's hard to regain any integrity you once had. Ron Paul knows this well and, as far as I have seen in the past 5 years of supporting him, he has never travelled that road.

Character and integrity matter - people will come to realize this more and more as these attributes are ignored by these so-called "public servants".

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


"We worked hard on the platform committee"? You had nothing to do wiht it. Whatever Ron Paul accomplished had nothing to do with you. You solidly support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan because you think they're better.

That no good p.o.s. is

That no good p.o.s. is sitting there defending Romney after all that has happened. He is a fool. He has stabbed his own father and all of us in the back in exchange for what he thinks will benefit himself down the road. And there are many on this website who still think he is so great. I will never support or vote for Rand Paul. Ever.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Wolf Wanted A Ron Paul Interview

"Tell your dad I want to speak with him tomorrow". I think that's what it was all about. Wolf wants ratings.

Corrupt media pretending to be upset with corruption

This is how the media laughs at people right in our faces.

Limbaugh and Jon Stewart do it every day...they laugh right in our faces.