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Turned in my resignation

(reigistered today, lurked for months)

After yesterday's events and the awful primaries paired with the timing of receiving a donation letter from the Texas State GOP I decided to turn in my letter of resignation and my cut up membership card to let them know my displeasure with their actions. Maybe I'll reconsider if the content of the majority of the party changes down the road.

"Chairman Munisteri,
It is with regret that I write this letter but I am officially leaving the Republican Party. After yesterday's culmination of events at the National Convention in Tampa and the series of events throughout the primaries that displayed to me behavior that is fairly unattractive I am left with no choice but to leave the party. I apologize in advance because the Republican Party of Texas was not a direct cause or instigator of the events which I will outline in detail but it merely was a silent witness to these corrupt events. For that, I cannot remain.
What reason is the Republican Party labeled “Republican” when it no longer represents that form of governing? The events of the primaries and the totalitarian program ran at the National Convention last night opened my eyes to the true nature of the Republican Party, one of lies, deception, and tyranny. The election process to choose the Republican nominee was as far from Republican as it could be. It favored a pure Democracy of the primary caucus and the heavy handedness from the top of the organization on who can and cannot stay in the race, regardless of public opinion on those candidates. The actions taken by corrupt state parties, acting on orders to suppress and deceive the Ron Paul delegate constituency, were truly reprehensible and the individuals involved should be removed from office for their deeds. They do not exemplify Republican values, American values, or the decency of human values. Yet, at the credentials committee and the permanent rules committee, these types of people were rewarded for their shady efforts and given a pat on the back for doing what they did to sabotage state conventions in favor of Mitt Romney. For that, I cannot remain.
Watching the National Convention live yesterday I could not help but notice the makeup of the RNC's base. I saw it first hand and as an alternate at the Texas State Convention. People over the age of 65 should be involved with politics but should not make up the majority of the party. This is what I saw on the convention floor. The lifeless faces of people well past their age of involvement with current events, restrained to getting news of the outside world through Fox News and chain letters in email. The alternative is accepting youth who do not watch television but instead read books on the history of conservatism, Liberty, and on historical figures both Democrat and Republican who exemplified limited government and moral standards far past the scope of today's Republican leaders. I remember back to the Texas state convention for the selection of national delegates and at large delegates that the youth, people aged 18-28, were neglected, sneered at, and given a pat on the head for their participation. Many of which were Ron Paul supporters who were excited about Liberty, the Constitution, and a truly limited conservative government. All of which coincidentally are things missing from today's Republican party. In our District elections, national delegate candidates that read off of cards or passed out expensive glossy fliers were rewarded with passage to Tampa while people speaking extemporaneously and from the heart on concrete issues like non interventionism, the federal reserve, and free market economies were shunned because these ideas required thought by the audience. I can tell you, Mr. Munisteri, that if the party's demographics do not change, and change soon, the Republican party will be no more. This election cycle saw the involvement of hundreds of thousands of young energetic voters ready to be accepted into the Republican party via Ron Paul's grassroots revolution, only to be turned away in favor of soulless skeletons with makeup and deep pockets to fill the national party's coffers. The RNC might as well have signed it's death warrant with this act. For that, I cannot remain.
I am including my shredded membership card as I can no longer carry it, as the Republican party has chosen a Joseph Stalin form of fascism over the methods of a constitutional republic. The events that transpired this election season were not by accident and were ordered from the top. And what the party wants, they will get. They will have to accept the consequences of their actions though, which will include a mass exodus from their ranks to more Liberty and Constitutionally sound parties.

For Liberty,

ps. Thanks for the pre-paid business reply envelope. "


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Wonderfully written...

Very good words that speak a harsh truth.

as a fellow texan

i am thinking about what my involvement with the party will be going foreword. I haven't made up my mind, but I am going to use your letter as a template if I decide to get out.