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Party Registration Bomb?

I got this idea while reading todays sad news cycle and wonder what you guys think.
A lot of us, maybe most of us, have registered as Republicans to support Ron Paul. Those days now seem to be ending and the point to remaining and getting robo called and mail bombed by the romney machine is debatable at best.
How about making one last splash and having a registration switching bomb day where we all go down to the city halls of America and switch our designations back to independent or whatever?
Imagine, lines of Ron Paul supporters clogging the halls of every city hall ... and unlike past bombs, this one is entirely free.

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Defeatist talk, why do the

Defeatist talk, why do the circumstances make you feel like leaving the party. That is what they have been working towards. They cheat and steal our delegates away using the Committees, should the best reaction be leaving the party or become the committees? We have the numbers to take over the republican party and kick the corruption out. If your really interested in Ron Paul's message, why don't you take what he is saying (after 30 years of experience) and "Become the tent"

Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.
-Patrick Henry

First we would need to distinguish our registrations

Need to clearly display they are registering as Ron Paul republicans.


Use the RNC outrage to get even more people on our side and working within the GOP party.

The GOP wants us to switch parties. They want us to, as the Charles Atlas ad says, "dry up and blow away".

Instead, we should use this to motivate us to ADD to our strength...and then go back to that bully on the beach (within the GOP) and sock him in the fucking jaw!


Fighting from within is more effective. But even that is minimum

That's why Paul remains a Republican.

Yes, it's an extra troubling week, but we need to implement the strategy that works best and that includes being part of the Republican party.

If anything, we should also join the Democrat party and start exposing the corruption and placing good people in offices there too.

Frankly, being a Republican is a minimum of what we could be doing. We the people have enormous power when we act as a unit. Look at how the illegals shook politicians to its knees when they went on a productivity strike. Blacks did a similar thing with the Rosa Parks bus protest (really a productivity strike). Unions bring companies to their knees with productivity strikes. Gandhi's hunger strikes were really productivity strikes. For the past few decades, there have been many productivity strikes overseas to improve business practices...part of the reason for these wars! Wars = patriotism, which is used to bash strikes.

Another type of strike is the consumption strike. First of all, there MUST be a consumption strike on all goods/services of the political propaganda industry (no more buying books or listening to any political media...at all). Next, if all Ron Paul supporters chose to buy just 10% US goods, we could turn the economy around. That alone is worth it. Further, we could organize consumption strikes, especially on "sin" products/services the government imposes extra tax on (for example: alcohol and tobacco, candies, soft drinks, fast foods, coffee, and gambling). Further, we should starve corrupt banks by getting out of their credit traps...get debt free. Likewise, starve Big Pharm, Big Hospital, and Big Insurance by staying in great health, driving safely, etc.

These strikes have worked in the past, are working now, and can work for us. We already have the infrastruction and the will...we just need to make it a priority.

there are two efforts underway

on facebook (if you have fb search for it) One is for a date in September and the other is on election day Nov 6th. Kevin Tuma is one of the fb administrators for the Nov 6th plan. I joined both. Here in Florida there are rules preventing you from changing your party affiliation w/in a certain number of days of an election so I don't think the Nov 6th date will work here. I'm much more in favor of the September date. I'll post the links (unless someone else does) later.

I would love to see this take off and have it also be a massive Ron Paul meet up date.

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."

Sigh ... No Facebook For Me ..

Lol> I don't do Facebook. Can you keep us updated? Either idea is okay with mwe but obviously the one with the biggest bang would be the one most people can participate in. I think a lot of states lock people out of making changes on or near elections.
Too the whiners ... you can always switch back later if you feel there is a point.



I'm in!

If this is organized for a specific date, I will most definitely go to my city hall in Knoxville and switch from republican to independent. GREAT idea!

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Why lose all that we've gained?!?

I agree with the comment that it makes MORE sense to use the outrage to get as many people as possible to register as Republicans. The current GOP establishment DOES want us out. The big money interests don't care which party wins so long as it's for big gov't. It is true the GOP establishment's numbers will dwindle (since most of them are older) but I'm afraid the money interests will pull some emotion-grabbing stunt (ala gay marriage) to once again rile up the unaware and easily manipulated, hence raising the ranks of the GOP once again. And then we'll be in this same mess again.

The only solution I see is to take over this party! And we're already doing it! Why quit now?!? Sorry but that does not seem like the best idea to me.

No-one but Paul!