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Send a Message to the GOP

I've been registered Republican all my political life.

Not anymore.

Today I have the paperwork in hand to change my party affiliation to Libertarian.

I recommend all of you who are fed up with the Republican Party to do the same RIGHT NOW. The parties track things like voter registration. If we all change our party affiliation in a short period of time, they'll see it. They may even ask themselves why.

As for voting - I don't think it really matters whether Obamney or Rombama wins the election. Either way we're screwed. Writing in Ron Paul on the ballot won't help. It's a meaningless gesture. But what CAN help, is to vote Libertarian - even if Gary Johnson doesn't win. The reason has to do with ballot access. In most states, parties have to achieve a certain voting threshold to get names on the ballot in the next election, or collect signatures to get on the ballot. The latter is an expensive, time-consuming process, and the rule is intended to keep everyone out but the Democrats and the Republicans. Each year, the Libertarian Party spends a big pile of money just to collect signatures to put names on the ballot. If you vote Libertarian, your vote counts towards ballot access in the next election, and money normally spent on petitions can be used to promote the Libertarian message.

What you can do

  1. Contact your supervisor of elections and request a voter registration form. Just google "Your county, your state, supervisor of elections"
  2. In most cases, you can request a voter registration form on the web page, or fill one out on line (which will be sent to you for your signature).
  3. Mark your party affiliation as LIBERTARIAN
  4. Fill out the rest of the form and send it in.

Finally, don't forget to vote for Gary Johnson in the upcoming election.

In all honesty, we may be past the point of rescue, but if there's going to be a political process four years from now, we owe it to ourselves and future generations to try to maintain an option that works for the benefit of the PEOPLE.

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The message you are sending is "You won"

By leaving the Republican party you are making yourself useless to the liberty movement. This is exactly what the establishment wants us to do. Instead of making an emotional decision and accomplishing nothing we need to focus on getting elected as a Republican PCP and showing up to our district meetings to take over the Republican party.

This really is the conclusion that I am coming to

I was gonna write in Ron Paul but at the end of the day it does no one any good. If I'm going to vote I'm going to vote to take down the GOP and writing in Ron Paul will not do that. I will never vote for a D or an R, never. After the cheating and shenanigans we saw done against RP by the RNC I think it is safe to say that this will be done against all of our candidates.

If Rand thinks by playing nice with the GOP it will get him somewhere he is wrong.

Edit to add: I will change my party affiliation, but I wont vote for Gary Johnson. Too many similarities to the Rethugs, and Democraps.

I want to know too...

... were you just regurgitating something you heard somewhere? Or is this something about which you have researched and thought about and reached a reasoned conclusion?

I don't think Johnson is the perfect candidate, but from what I know of him, he'd be a HUGE improvement over Rombama or Obamney... enough for me to vote FOR him (as opposed to just AGAINST the two weasels).

Besides, if the Dems and Reps are ever going to get a clue, they have to see the votes going somewhere - so not voting is not an option. A fractionated opposition is a lot less of a threat (if the missing votes split between the green party, the communists, the socialists, the (fill-in-the-blank) party, it won't mean as much as if Libertarian numbers double, or triple.

So please, by all means, explain your statement.

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What similarities?

I'm tired of reading people say this but no one ever explains.