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After the Convention - Rethinking the Entire Approach.

The GOP and DEM is really a big one party system with the same stench of corruption. They own the media and the MEDIA has the USA and the world living in some kind of FALSE dream reality of lies, manipulation, and propaganda.

Ron Paul brought us together and taught us about the system. BUT no one hears Ron Paul or us unless they are READY to hear and have it within them to understand. In other words it takes a certain level of intelligence, integrity, courage, and determination to stand with Ron Paul. It isn't just his ideas that brought us together. It is the kind of people we are.

Time to stop believing in some Polly-Anna miracle. You are not going to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear, and that about describes GOP and the DEM. It also seems to describe world politics at this moment. The greedy, arrogant, and unprincipled are in charge of the world. We will NOT change who they are. WE are not going to SAVE them and make them into better people! Forget that!

It is time for those in every nation of the world who believe in truth and freedom to simply emerge from the masses and no longer stand in that crowd. Go forward together gathering those who choose to join us until the corrupt ones become the minority and fade away.

Personally I do not want more of the GOP and trying to CHANGE them. The puppet masters who rule the world will get exactly what they want. Romney will not keep his promises and the so called platform planks we appear to have gained will disappear. It was all a concession to win the RP supporter votes.

I support Ron Paul only, and no political party, because this so called democracy no longer works. We are into fascism. New game. New rules. Let those who have the stomach for it continue to try to work with the GOP, BUT We need to continue to spread the RP message and add some new ways of doing it in this new INCREASINGLY corrupt system.

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A new way...

I agree with your sentiments entirely honorRP, but take it from one road weary warrior to another that perhaps there is another way; and it just might be found in another arena now being quietly fought out(so far)in the third Congressional District in Colorado. An uncompromising 'INDEPENDENT' young lady, Tisha Casida is now on the ballet and gaining momentum without selling out what-so-ever. Perhaps with a little support from those of us (like me) who feel disenfranchised by the machine, we still can make a difference. A victory here could start a movement; and She will be the voice in Congress that will be missed in RP's absence. She is for-real and could use our support. We just need more like her.
Please check her out at: www.casida2012.com.
By the way, I am not a paid consultant: Just a fan.

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

She seems like a fighter.

"Tisha Casida, Independent candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District 3, has officially qualified to be on the ballot for the general election on November 6th, 2012."

Wish her luck. Wish Ron Paul were an independent on the ballot as well!

I am tending toward independent candidates as the future way of electing people, on MERIT instead of by party.

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She IS a fighter !!


"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

Working to stay

in the GOP, but not voting Romney in the general.

It would be foolish to walk out right not (as so many DPers here are suggesting) with all the positions liberty minded people now hold within the GOP. Just watch the Ashley Ryan speech at the Sun Dome.

It is only by making those numbers swell, which we are doing, that we will completely take over the party. If that is done then there is no stopping us.

Sadly, a third party run has no chance in our current duopoly.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Give up on trying to change the GOP from within.

It ain't gonna happen. These bums are worse than the socialist Democrats. At least the Democrats admit their agenda. The GOP beats the wardrum about "responsible" government, but they rape the treasury of the Nation on more vile things like bombing and killing overseas. The Democrats like to squander "our" money on welfare programs to ensure a steady supply of Democrat votes, while the GOP prefers the super charged military expansion to deliver their campaign contributions, with which they can purchase their block of votes when needed. Neither party will change. If someone doesn't tap into the unbelievable marketing opportunity of the fact that 70% of Americans are fed up with the 2 party system, we'll be stuck in this rut until the real crashes come down. Vote Johnson to protest and strengthen the 3rd party capability.

alan laney

It not

about "changing" them. It's about BECOMING them!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

For some reason I am NOT prepared to

head in that direction. Right now I do not support any party because this is no longer a democratic system. And that is the problem. The democratic process is no longer working. It is corrupt and we are into fascism.

Ron Paul would have won if the democratic system had been working. I stand with Ron Paul but no party at this time.

Supporting Ron Paul, whichever party he's in, in minimum

It's pretty obvious that he has and we have been far more effective working from within the GOP than from a third party.

At a minimum, we should keep that up.

But yes, we could do more. Perhaps there should be a forum called "Beyond Paul" where we discuss what we could do in addition to supporting Paul and working from within the GOP.

I fear the changes are smoke and mirrors and illusion.

The platform and promises were a concession to gain RP votes. In the end I am betting Romney and the GOP will go forward with the same old FED and war mongering and the drones will keep flying over America. WHY? Because the puppet masters have the GOP and Romney under their control. They also have Obama and the DEM. You are dealing with what is up front. But can we deal with what is BEHIND the scenes running the show? Because until we identify the problem we cannot solve it.

I support Ron Paul forever. But I do not support the GOP or DEM or any political party, because the elite of the world are running the political system and creating the illusion of democratic vote. This is fascism and it will not get better.

I like the idea of another forum to discuss ideas.

It seems there just will be a smaller number of us

working the party and getting to the zombies.

People found him because of tv exposure in 2007 due to being involved in the Republican party.

Paul is wiser than me, I'm with him.

I love Ron Paul.

He was blocked and marginalized at every turn and so will the rest of us in anything we try to do democratically. But we will all keep trying because that is who we are. None of us will submit to living without truth and freedom.

The media is owned by the elite and they will not allow truth to be heard. In time we will be shut out on the internet. This is no longer democracy anywhere in the world. It is fascism and this is an all new ball game with different rules. The democratic process has not been working for a while now. Look at what the new system did to Ron Paul, silenced him ruthlessly. Times have changed radically.

Let those who have the stomach for it continue to work with the GOP. We also need to be ready with new approaches to carry forth the RP message of truth and freedom. Right now I support no party because this is a sick democratic system that no longer works. I support Ron Paul only.

Good Morning, honorRP!

You just gave a summary of what Dr. Paul has been showing us all along. His and now your message was always there, if anyone bothered to read between the lines.

Politics always had a certain distinct stench about it, regardless of party. Ron Paul cured the apathy of a great many people. People got excited and got involved. Many of those same people are now being overcome by that distinct stench of politics. The stench of merda (s,,,) isn't well tolerated.

Those who are now fully awake have a choice to make. Either pick up your things and go away or stay in the GOP and start shoveling out the sheep merda to make more room for those who value the US Constitution, the Truth and Freedom.

Dr. Paul already told us which one is the best path to take but, will never force anyone onto it or away from it. Take that path, pick up a shovel and eventually we will have a much cleaner home as RepubliCANs. Take a different path, and you'd better be filthy with money and join in with others who are drowning in wealth and start yet another third party and hope to be taken seriously by the establishment. As long as you have unlimited wealth with which to grease big wheels, you would have a chance of success with a new party.

Unless Dr. Paul points me in another direction, I'll keep a mask over my nose and mouth and keep shoveling.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Perfectly Said

Nonna! We will take over this party, and no one is going to convince us to do what the neocons want us to do, which is go away.

Not scared of getting dirty

The GOP will be hearing my voice as long as there is a breath in me.

Everything you say is true, Nonna.

But just watch the GOP now. Romney will do exactly as he pleases. Platform planks and promises mean nothing to him. He flip flops by the day! Only Ron Paul is true to his word and so are we.

We have all watched this scene for so long! Has anything changed? It has only become worse because those behind the scenes rule the show. They own the media and they brain wash the public. Every smiling fool at that convention is functioning in a mindless reality created by the media created by their wealthy owners.

I am betting Romney will swing over to hugging the FED and all promises to audit the FED are off and will be forgotten. Romney will follow exactly in Obama's footsteps because both are mindless creations of their owners who pull their puppet strings. We are NOT going to change that. It will in time be revolution.

Maybe there is money behind the GOP but that money is owned by the puppet masters who rule the world, and you are not going to change them. They will get what they want and do as they please. After all they just got Romney, a most unlikely mindless choice for president, but easily ruled.

I'm usually an optimist

But I have to agree with you. Everything you're saying is what I'm thinking, too - especially about the puppet masters who rule the world. So true!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

It makes me feel

sick at heart. But I am looking for new ways to carry forward the RP message of truth and freedom. There is nothing else we can do. We have to be who we are.

Heavy hearts

I told myself that I would never, ever go back to waiting tables because, in general, you have to deal with a whole lot of shit. I've never looked back since that day. Yesterday, I told myself, that I'm done with politics because the shit I witnessed is so nauseating. I told my family that I will never utter another political comment.

It's time now to focus on myself, and my practice. I cared so much about this movement that when I look back I spent more time marketing Ron Paul and the ideals of Liberty than my practice.

Consequentially, I've struggled a bit these past 8 years. I'm opting out. I have never been apathetic towards politics in my life. I remember my teen years screaming about the national debt of 4 trillion. It's time to do what's right for me. It's time to focus on myself, prepare for the worst, and help as many people through my knowledge of alternative medicine as I possible can.

When the body changes, so does the mind. Today, I felt liberated in knowing that I don't have to waste energy in changing a system which thrives on corruption. It will be through human innovation, and spiritual enlightenment that this world changes. I am looking forward to my new life.

To all those that I have met in this great battle, thank you! It was truly a pleasure and you've taught me so much. If you continue the fight, I wish you godspeed. If the call to arms arises in my lifetime as this fascist state descends upon us, then I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. I pray I never see the day.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

God Bless You and good luck.

I am wavering myself on giving up on a system that "thrives on corruption" as you said. In a way I AM giving up on that system but not on the RP message.

I also agree that enlightenment and human evolution will raise us all. In the meantime I am stepping back and regrouping; sickened by the corruption in GOP and DEM and no longer support the party system. I think we should vote each person independently on merit and not by party.

I think as it gets worse the world's people will rebel against the corruption and loss of freedoms. We may stand shoulder to shoulder yet, and it will be more honest than what is happening right now.