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So now we Flank Right...

I mentioned this a few months or weeks back, the Stategy should now change I cannot imagine that President Paul is ready to lay down and die. I suggested if the GOP did not select Ron Paul that he should take his Republican followers and attach himself again to the Libertarians, it was then rumored and I dont know if it was true that Gary Johnson had offered to step down and let President Paul have the front slot while Mr. Johnson would then step down as VP of the libertarian ticket. Is it poosible that this was a contingency plan all along. Imagine the following, It would pull voters from everycorner of the spectrum and squelch the spoon fed notion that Ron Paul is "unelectable". The Art of War comes to mind over and over for me as I have watched this process. I view the statu quo as clumsy soldiers trudging their way through conquering only with physical strength and numbers, and I imagine those who truly want to fight for Liberty as The 300, Leonitus is Ron Paul, and he cries out to us," An idea whose time has come, cannot defeated by any army."As we march into the gap between Freedom and Liberty withFists held high.Taking down all those who would enslave us, and standing victorious. So now it is up to us to spread this idea, and I will personall ask ,"Mr Gary Johnson, would you please invite Dr. Ron Paul to fill your shoes in the Presidential slot of the Libertarian Party, and graciously accept the Vice Presidential slot. So that we can take this Country back from the Politicians and give it back to the People?"

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Get both Johnson and his VP pick to step down and put..........

......up Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano. If Johnson is as wonderful as everyone keeps saying around here, then he should not have a problem with stepping aside.

Ron Paul signed many oaths

Saying he would not run 3rd party in order to get on many states' Republican ballots.

Really. Can you show us evidence?

I doubt this is true. Why would the media keep hounding him with the same old question about a third party run, if what you say is true.

Libertarian Convention

They already had a Libertarian convention, so unless you want the Libertarian party to break the rules like the republicans then they have to keep Gary Johnson and Jim Gray on their ticket.

not only would they break LP

not only would they break LP bylaws by changing the ticket, but also they would be in violation of most state election laws. the LP is a minor party in most states, and their window to slate a ticket for those states has come and gone. the LP cannot change their ticket now if they want to remain on the ballot in those states.

in at least 40 states, the window for ron paul to be on the ballot by any means has expired.

but who can doubt that ron paul will be very influential in a johnson/gray administration? and if they do not win, who can doubt that any votes cast for johnson/gray will be correctly interpreted as support for the ron paul revolution?

From the Libertarian party chairman:


Marvin Lee

WOW. Geoffrey Neale (Libertarian Party Chairman) wrote back to me immediately about my question about getting Ron Paul into the VP slot. I will not post the reply out of respect, however in a nutshell he said that the Libertarian Party is held strictly to it's bylaws, and Jim Gray (or Gary Johnson for that matter) can only be replaced if he were in violation of those bilaws or principles. He said if Jim Gray (or Gary Johnson) were to voluntarily step down, then a replacement can be made. However, that replacement will not be Ron Paul unless Ron was willing to accept it.

So there you have it, straight from the Chairman of the Libertarian Party, as promised. :)

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.