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Video: Rand Paul on Hannity, Monday night


This was another superb job by Rand.

There are too many here who underestimate the tremendous value of having a sitting Senator push for the "libertarian, Ron Paul Republicans" in a nationally televised interview on Fox. This is of GREAT value to the liberty movement.

Rand is a fantastic asset to liberty.

I cannot wait for the '16 campaign. I'm actually thinking of moving to Iowa to help the Rand campaign ensure an Iowa victory. There will be no stopping Rand in Iowa. Remember, Ron virtually tied in Iowa and, let's face it, thousands of stupid voters didn't vote for him simply because he was 'too old'.

Rand won't have that baggage in LESS THAN THREE YEARS!

Justin Amash for VP! Or Tom Davis.

Or Ron Paul!

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You can't be serious!

You can't be serious! Hannity said the Paul rally at the Sundome was a GOP "unity rally." Oh really, funny how not even Jesse "secret decoder ring" Benton called it that. Yet Rand did not correct Hannity! Some of you are in such denial that it hurts. I am done with the GOP till they stop stealing elections.

Very serious

Who cares what Hannity said? He's a tool.

Who cares that Rand didn't correct him? There's limited time, and Rand isn't talking to you and me, who already get it. He's talking to the wider audience, the sheep, who don't get it. He is gradually making libertarianism palatable to them.

The GOP will NEVER stop "stealing elections" until you and I BECOME the GOP.

Rand is becoming the GOP, riding his dad's base. And that's fine with me. Ron reared Rand, and I trust what that means immensely.

Ron Paul bulldozed through

Ron Paul bulldozed through Iowa, Maine, & NV. Therefore Rand will be a shoe-in for those states! Rand will require very little money for those states in 2016. He'll have to dump his resources in the next several caucus-States.

Even Alaska may be a shoe-in since we won the State GOP Chairmanship there. I'm not sure what gains we made in the Minnesota GOP Party??? Though, we did win most of their delegates. Same with LA.

If you're serious about moving, consider one of the other caucus states where Ron Paul did well but just couldn't clinch it. Definitely don't move to Iowa, Maine or NV...although they will soon have true liberty Governors in the future and we may end up moving there to escape the tyranny.

It's almost impossible for me to look at Hannity

He's so smug and self-righteous. It seems like almost the entirety of the MSM is completely corrupt but Hannity is especially hard for me to stomach.

I share your enthusiam OP...

...once you get over the disappointment of losing the nomination, and do some reflecting, you realize how much we really have accomplished, and how bright the future looks.

Rand Paul 2016 (and many new liberty candidates for House, Senate, and State offices in the meantime)!

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Great week for Rand...

Excellent speech tonight on top of nice primetime interviews on Fox and CNN.

Masking the best of the corrupt RNC.

That is like saying, "making

That is like saying, "making the best of a friend's betrayal"

Not quite

It's more like saying:

"Wow! Rand Paul got more nationally-televised exposure for the libertarian brand this week than Gary Johnson (who I'll vote for) will achieve in his entire campaign!"

Rand is playing the hand he's dealt, and he's doing it very well.

Rand is NOT a libertarian.

Rand is NOT a libertarian.



You may disagree with his political speech or tactics, but to claim he's not a libertarian is absurd.