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Book: Bin Laden Was Already Dead...

In another possibly uncomfortable revelation for U.S. officials who say bin Laden’s body was treated with dignity before being given a full Muslim burial at sea, the author reveals that in the cramped helicopter flight out of the compound, one of the SEALs called “Walt” was sitting on bin Laden’s chest as the body lay at the author’s feet in the middle of the cabin.

The publisher says the author used pseudonyms for all the SEALs.

Bissonnette also writes disparagingly that none of the SEALs were fans of President Barack Obama and knew that his administration would take credit for ordering the May 2011 raid. One of the SEALs said after the mission that they had just gotten Obama re-elected by carrying out the raid.

But he says they respected him as commander in chief and for giving the operation the go-ahead.

Bissonnette writes less flatteringly of meeting Vice President Joe Biden along with Obama at the headquarters of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment after the raid. He says Biden told “lame jokes” no one understood, reminding him of “someone’s drunken uncle at Christmas dinner.”


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More conflicts on bin Laden's death

UPDATE: Daily Bell article today says he's been gone for 10 years and the book was probably written in the Pentagon: http://www.thedailybell.com/4229/Now-the-Real-Killing-of-bin...

I wonder just who leaked out the author's real name, and why? He is now a target for multiple entities.

But then again, I've read that Osama had died several times before the raid, so maybe it's all disinfo.


Not having read the book yet, I wonder if the author will cover the fact that most of the Navy SEALS Team 6 were killed just three months after the raid, when their helicopter was shot down by the Taliban? Some say those lost were from the raid, others say not.



As an aside, in the CNN article NATO said those lost were from ISAF, not the U.S.. ISAF is the Int'l Security Assistance Force. Our troops are fighting under U.N. command, not U.S. & its Constitution.

It's time to abandon the fantasy

that Bin Laden has nine lives:


Turns out he's not a cat but a CIA asset who was in business with the Bush organized crime family. Other lackies of 41 are Mitt etch-a-sketch Romney, the Clintons, Biden, Rumsfeld, Cheney etal.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


already dead . . .

(some say in 2001), but killed by these people in 2011--

this is very confusing--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

huh? The excerpt says

huh? The excerpt says nothing about Bin Laden being already dead. What are you talking about? I think BL was already dead since 2001, but where in teh article does it mention evidence for that?