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Honest Paul...

Yesterday was an obvious disappointment for all of us. But what makes yesterday such a disappointment? Is it because I clung to the fact that at one point Doug Wead had said we may have upwards of 900 delegates? I always imagined all these stealthy others secretely loving the founding principles of this country and just dying to vote for a leader/nominee who shared the same beliefs. Wead also perpetuated that idea by saying "we have enough to make the establishment nervous."

So, in the end, with all of this hullabaloo. Did we make them nervous? Even with our meager 190. Well, all things considered yes. We shook those fuckers to the root. And while they may have won this battle, they will not win this war. I guess in the end I have to ask, what in the world was all of violence about and for? To what end did it gain them? I would say nothing positive. I think the "real" GOP has been exposed. For us, this is a good thing.

So In the end, did I really need to be so disappointed about our delegate count? What did Paul say all along? "It will be great to have a couple of hundred delegates to help reframe the discussion." I don't ever remember him saying we had more. His hope was that it would have gone to a brokered convention if Santorum had stayed in. Retrospectively, I am glad Santorum quit. Because I think he could have beat Romney. And we certainly didn't need that nutjob in the race against Obama. He would have this country in a civil war by the end of the election. I miss Ron Paul already. But when I saw him with Cavuto, I thought despite his genious he looks tired.

I am positive he would have beat Obama. Because his message is the real message of hope. I won't vote for Romney, nor Obama. I live in KY my vote is meaningless except in aggregate terms. Obama won't win Kentucky, and I have no intention on showing the GOP that I support their platform, their candidates, and what they have done to the political process. I will vote for Johnson. Not because he is my favorite candidate, I wont even donate. Instead, I want my vote counted in a large perceived "against" the establishment block. I think the Libertarian party will do well this year. Will they win? Very unlikely. But will they make the two parties wake the hell up? Undoubtedly. For me now, I think it is imperative that our country break out of this two party mold. It is killing us. My only hope is that Johnson can get into the debates. But as we have seen it is a rigged game. I think we should consider that fact, and maybe, just maybe send a real message.

Please don't call me a Johnson troll or lover. Mainly because I like pussy not Johnson. I am deeply disappointed Paul didn't win. But I can't change that now.