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Goal Proposal: Replace The Rnc

How do we work through the state and local process to replace the members of the RNC?

Which RNC members were the most power abusive and tyranical?

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See my suggestion here.

GOP can't be saved now...

Maybe we should focus on making the Libertarian Party viable with our influence.

I dont think so

I think the republican party can be overhauled entirely.

I think we should build a 2nd tier of republican party on top of the exististing structure with the intent of carrying out the overhaul.

Ask Maine.

We effectively replaced all of Maine and Nevada this year. Remember how the GOP had to set up the 'shadow party' there?

That was BEFORE the rule change that allows the national GOP to tell states which delegates are allowed to go to the convention.

This route leads only to madness and heartbreak. The Tyranny party can destroy any grassroots uprising 100x easier now.


Can we start with...

Boehner, Priebus, and Sununu..... PLEASE???

Just ask Iowa

Paulite AJ Spiker is now the chair of the Iowa GOP, and therefore sits on the RNC as a voting member. Take the State parties, take the RNC.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

See, now this is exactly what

See, now this is exactly what needs to be done. Replace those in power and things will change. The party power structure is alot more open to dedicated people changing it than any position in congress or the presidency. Indeed, the only way to fix the power grab that just happened is to replace those people.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

That's what I'm thinking too.

That's what I'm thinking too. It seems pretty do-able...


For Rnc chair Ron Paul

The emphasis has been

to become precinct leaders/committeeman. However, we do not need to become these to get started. We can actually start applying pressure by just getting numbers of people to attend your monthly local party meetings.

They would not be able to handle the onslaught of just "regular" Republicans intellectualizing them.

Ernest Hancock said this same thing after Ron's Tampa speech

Dr. Ronal Ernest Paul, MD for national chairman of the GOP!


Oh now that would be a beautiful thing.

How funny to see this, it is just what I was thinking!

super big bump!


You're headed in the right direction.

We can still flood the RNC, take the positions and make changes. We need to get on the governing bodies. The ones that were responsible for the rule changes.

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Now there's a plan.

Enough of this other wishful thinking, sweet lemons, feel-good BS about how we really won.

We lost, we need a real plan to win, or else the Liberty Threat has been successfully contained within the peaceful process and neutralized by de facto disenfranchisement.

Don't kid yourselves -- they get indefinite detention legislation, they get control of travel via the TSA, they get unlimited means of surveillance, they get domestic drones, they get control of the economy.

We get self-deluded feelings and stirring powerless words that lead to nothing.

We need to win in reality, not just in our heads.

Thanks Jake

All the threads about quitting and dividing seem like a waste of an opportunity to identify the enemies of liberty and go after their seats. What the RNC did was wrong and anyone can see that. In order to stop us the RNC would have to use their god rule to make themselves permanent or to control the state process, which will just open more eyes to what the country is becoming.

Make them react and bring the horrible thing all americans face into the daylight.