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Has knowing the truth ever gotten you or your kids in trouble at school/work?

Schools teach the status quo. Assuming you've taught your kids otherwise, has that ever landed them in hot water at school? Care to share the experience?

EDIT: feel free to add your own school/work rebellious moments as well.

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My son got a "doesn't respect Authority" mark on his report card because he refused to Dance to a song about Obama.

Teacher no longer works there but still.... I have to routinely correct things my kids are being taught. Especially in History and social studies classes. They don't back down though.

Last year my daughter wrote a Biography paper on Ron Paul in English class which she received an A+ for. And when asked to write about the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the United Nations, she wrote about unalienable rights given to us from our creator guaranteed to us in our own constitution and how the UN rights can reinforce it but not superseded it. That if a government begins to infringe upon rights, it almost always leads to death and tyranny sometime down the road. She managed to get an A+ on that one too and this was a rather liberal, global warming type teacher.

Love it! Refusing to dance to an Obama song warms my heart.

Thank you. Your kids give me hope.


but probably because our boys are homeschooled.

Way back in the 1980's I used

Way back in the 1980's I used to get in trouble alot in school. I would simplify everything being tought and ignore information that is irrelevant. The teachers thought I was a poor student for not following the curriculum thus after seeing school counselors and therapists was soon diagnosed with ADD type 4. But to make a long story short. They teachers did not have a curriculum for my learning curve. Since I very very rarely spoke I was excused from reciting the Pledge of Allegence and religious activities. Now that I am much older and have a proper diagnosis of High Functioning Autism. I have managed to see through the bs focusing on the smallest of details that do not connect the dots after finding hard facts leaving even my college professors completely stumped by asking socratic questions and questioning everything that did not have a mathematical/scientific reason.

Wow. Sounds like Romney never had a chance with you :)


I think I had

the only kid in first grade to tell the teacher, "Lincoln wasn't a good President, he was a tyrant that ignored the Constitution."

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

A real look at history shows Lincoln got dealt a bad hand.

First off i gave you +1, it's great you have a child that questions things at 6 or 7 years old, i find that absolutely amazing so you're definitely doing something right.

Ok, Lincoln wasn't as absolutely wonderful as people make him out to be, he was however not a stupid man and not a bad president, take a closer look at history. The guy took a turd of a situation and made it into a turd sandwich, better but still not good. The banks were behind stoking the fires of the civil war. They contracted the money supply in the early 1860's then as they progressed into the decade, contracted more and more, making people more desperate, all the while funding the campaigns of scores of political pawns who would spew rhetoric and call for action that would lead this country into civil war. Whereas the south took loans from the banks to fight the war, Lincoln was at least smart enough to print greenbacks straight from the treasury. He refused the bank's offers of 20% plus interest rates to fund the north, they thought he had no choice but to borrow from them, but he didn't, he did it his own way and received a bullet in the head for it. So he wasn't the greatest but he did at least flip a middle finger to the banking cartel criminals of his time and since he was brave enough to say no to the banks and would eventually die for that decision I can't say he was a bad guy or a bad president. It seems he could've done things a lot better, like preventing Americans from killing other Americans, but no one REALLY knows the situation he was dealing with at that time. Getting mad at Lincoln for the Civil War is a lot like Monday Morning Quarterbacking.