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GOP Soviets - Let's sweep 'em out.

Yes indeed.

I have no problem with the word Republican but not GOP. It has too much going towards the 'Good Ole Boys'. I use GOP to describe the ones who co-opted the Republican party decades ago.

Over the last five years it is in the open, from how Paul has been treated, that the GOP's behavior is reminiscent of what I remember reading about and seeing on TV of what went on in the Soviet Satellite countries of the Warsaw Pact like East Germany.

Yes indeed.

The GOP practices the Soviet System.

It is time, in a fun way to actually refer to them as such. And here is a nice 1960's East German propaganda commercial to remind us how progressive the GOP is. You know, follow that hype how great we are ...


And who can forget that superior performance of dance to sidestep answering questions about their behavior. Ahh.... Krushev banging that shoe at the UN.


And by continuing to work the GOP out of the Republican party will have this result.


Yes, indeed. Dig those crazy American Soviets - the GOP. You have to love to hate them. Because, now we don't have to waste our energies and money fighting them across the globe, because they are now in our own neighborhoods. So lets get together and sweep them out with the dust bunnys.

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