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Oh Captain , My Captain

Thank You for a Glorious Revolution

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Hope of America

Thank you for giving me, however briefly, hope for the restoration of America and the rule of law.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

Thank you Dr. Paul

For your years of dedication and adherence to the constitution. I am ashamed that it took me so long to hear, but hear I did. I stand, with you, from this day forward on the Constitution of the United States.

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

thank you for being there in 1988 when . . .

we couldn't vote for anyone else for POTUS.

Thank you for not being offended when we wrote you in in subsequent years when you didn't run--

Thank you for making our journey in liberty a little less lonely.

1988vote (a husband and wife)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thank you Ron....

for curing my political apathy, and introducing me to the ideals of liberty, small government, and sound money. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Time For A Well Earned Break

Dr. Paul, Go home, spend some time with the family and your library, and get some rest. We'll send you your "draft notice" for the 2016 campaign in a couple of years. God bless.

Thank you Ron Paul

Thank you for giving me the best political education of my life. I enjoy my central committee seat, love voting unconstitutional issues off the agenda, and reminding the other members they signed an oath to the constitution. This is a great fight and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Look What We've Accomplished, Back to Work with Ron Paul

Dr Paul,

Words are not enough when I try tell you how much your hard work for the cause of liberty has meant to my family. You and Carol are a beacon of light in this world of darkness and you're appreciated far more than you will ever understand. Before I learned of you, I didnt believe there was any honesty in politics even though I have been a dedicated voter since the age of 18. You have brought dignity back to America and I am still confident, we can be great again, ruled by the people again, and regain the admiration of other countries that we have lost over the years.

Prayers and blessings I send everyday for you and your family, and our country and without being too grandiose, I feel that you, sir, are one of the greatest Americans who ever lived.