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The Republican Party: Party of Great Moral Frauds

Feeling duped???

Ron Paul has opened the door to liberty, no all we must do is pull back the curtain.

The Wide Awakes: Paramilitary political thugs of the Republican Party. Not unlike the street thuggery of today. The large Wide Awake parade in lower Manhattan was part of a series of demonstrations in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston during the first week of October 1860. Note the deliberate placement of this “surging sea of excited humanity” on Manhattan’s “newspaper row,” directly in front of the friendly offices of the New York Tribune and New York Times. “Grand Procession of Wide-Awakes at New York on the Evening of October 3, 1860,” Harper’s Weekly, Oct. 13, 1860. Courtesy of Harpweek, llc.

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