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Last Minute Rules Change 2012 - Sources in media - first hand info

After all that has happened yesterday (much of which has transpired without my knowledge and all is suspect), I would like to compile a list of media sources that discuss the rule change from having 6 states needed to nominate a candidate on the floor to 8 states. All current searches reveal the rules change in regards to 2016, but not the rules change that happened at the convention itself. I have found one source already, but it's an opinion piece from the NYT (http://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/28/the-ron-paul-...) and as I wasn't there, well . . . call me a Fortean.

First hand accounts from delegates on the ground would be appreciative. Video sources, etc. Copies of the rules before the convention and adopted rules during so one can compare the differences and show how the game can be changed in the middle. Also, requesting documentation as to how the vote occurred (rules committee, back room, voice vote on the floor, etc).

Thanks everyone.

We LOVE you and 1<3.