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United We Stand - Divided We Tear Ourselves Apart

It sickens me to my depths when I look over the mass of distraction, diversion and core corruption of these times. I must, however, admit that it did not shock me. Everything and more was predicted and expected by so many smaller groups. We knew it was at our doorstep and we let our principles tell us that others would not dare to break theirs so vehemently. We failed in that assertion.

We should not dare to fail again. For our children, for our community, for our peers in other lands, we must show that we can do this. For without complete success, we are doomed to a world we wish not to consider. This is our challenge. This is our goal. This is our planet.

We must recognize that we are not divided from others. We must show the ways we can unite for the common good. We do not stand alone in our desires for a better world so we must recognize that we cannot do it alone. We can only defeat the wolf by uniting all the sheep.

No one had more optimism for one hero than I so it is with great disappointment to write these words. For under one great and fast solution, we could have changed the course of history and set the world on a self fulfilling path for ultimate prosperity without taking on the great sleeping masses. Now, we must recruit from those very groups of former opposition to build an army whose ideas are unstoppable.

We have the rare knowledge of knowing who our ultimate enemy is.

It is not the liberal democrat who has been led to believe that the government has the power to give people a better life. They have not learned that governments only have the power of tyranny. We must unite with them and show that our challenge is also theirs.

It is not the conservative whose mind has been trained to think that all will be well as long as the liberals do not get their way. They have not learned the extent to which they only serve their masters. We must unite with them and show a common challenge as well.

It is not the multitude of flavors of libertarian groups whose focus on specific issues has led to division from joining other like minded groups. They have their own heroes in their fight but must be shown that we all want the same things.

It is not the 99% or the 98% or the 53%, the 9/12, tea or coffee partiers, the people united behind environmental, birth or truth issues or even those of other nations. They all know there are problems and want to scream it to the world. They know not the common foe or fix so their voices fade off. We must show them the face behind the curtain.

It is not the revolutionaries touting other types of economies. Those behind resource economies, gold or competing ones, more regulated or less, or even no structure at all should be embraced and shown how their partial solutions can be an integral of the whole.

It is certainly not the anonymous whistle blowers who take great risk to pull at the curtain. They need to be shown our support and given a focus so their actions can be targeted to the common cause.

Our enemies, and indeed the enemies of our competitors, are all created from a single evil. That evil is propagation of power given to those in control of money. Each individual among us even cites this as the root of all evil yet many fail to associate that the love of money boils down to taking power. That is where our divisions lie.

As many can see, our time is running short. Those in power are using new-found power to further increase their reach. This exponential process has a tipping point that approaches faster each day. Our imperative is to avoid crossing that line for there is no return.

Together, we all have the will. We have the tools. We have the resources. With our numbers, we still hold enough of the power. Indeed, we have everything necessary to take any action. We just need to coordinate them all under the same steps and we can turn the tide. It is our time and it is our responsibility.

Let us not find ways to disagree, reasons to confront or labels for actions. Let us find commonality and cohesiveness to reach a single ultimate goal. It is within our grasp and all of civilization knows it. It's time for a full and lasting change. One that alters the very structure of power. One that supports freedom and prosperity, liberty and voice, security and community. One that brings man to a new era in history.


If we can see the world as one, we can see the big picture. Crimes and inefficiencies will stand out and we can eliminate their incentives so we can avoid fighting those petty battles. Roadblocks can be avoided by taking alternate paths at the onset. Time can be preserved by directing our focus on the castle, not the creek.

Follow along and I will make the case that all of humanity has but one enemy and that by eliminating it as a problem, the case can be made to every group that by uniting behind a common effort, we will all reach our objectives.

The common issue for all is the unequal distribution of money. It is wielded for the creation of the very struts that make up our social ladders. With each person in possession of a fair amount of that control, those social ladders can be replaced by stepping stones to individual balance. People can begin to realize that human nature does not forge all of our social ladders. It is merely the social inadequacies we're presented with that cause their creation. Without those hindrances, the mix of social classes will lose many of their reasons for waging war on each other.

Many groups realize various levels of this and have promoted various solutions but each fails to cover the externalties involved which will stop it from occurring. I submit that together, we have the solution. The good news is that it is a bottom-up movement which cannot be refuted from above.

Those with money are not the productive in society. As such, they rely on schemes such as investments, ownership and propaganda for continued income. Without regularly increasing income, their castle will crumble. To accomplish this, they have turned everything in society into a pay-per-month cost. The only things not structured this way yet are sun and air. Even our drinking water has migrated to this control model.

What if we could return everything back to a buy once and own forever model? If so and if those prices could be such that every need was paid off in 10 years, we would no longer need an income. In each case, by "paid off", I refer to a one time charge, sufficient to earn a profit from, with no incentive for future payments. We could live our lives in our paid off house, powered by paid off energy, eating food from our paid off gardens, traveling in paid off transportation, powered by more paid off energy and communicating via paid off devices that communicate among each other via paid off transmitters. What one didn't want to embrace, say for making clothes, they could trade their excesses to acquire from someone else utilizing paid off equipment. This would also not be mandated so extending retirement a little would provide for extra wealth sufficient to cover the cracks. With the reduced need for life-long employment and the earlier retirement ages for those who choose so, the labor market would be freed up to trim the fluff jobs out and yield one where only productive and valuable workers are courted. This reduces the unemployment problem nicely in proportion to this emerging market but it also serves to put workers back into an employee's market where they have more influence on their wages and working conditions.

How would the elites control us or our "paid off" politicians then? How would they even retain the required 'growth' in their wealth? If done under the right timing, most of them would lose everything due to them currently being greedy with leverage.

But this sounds impossible, right? It sounds like some snake oil pipe dream. We can't build a future on false wishes of no-interest loans, endless verses of Kumbaya and 'free energy' scams, right? It is true. False hope will surely be our downfall. However, that one solution is fake has no bearing on the viability of the next. We must separate them and actively keep that awareness alive. This is the responsibility that befalls us and it is the responsibility that has been forgotten in times of distraction.

We have neglected this duty regarding each sector of our lives and it is time to turn that around.

In the area of news and information, we need to either build our own information center, promote it and support it or simply buy out one that serves our needs. The steps are not important. It's the result that is. With a billion people, what would it cost to buy the largest cable conglomerate? With those billion people supporting it, would it not remain a profitable business in our hands? Would it not justify it's price?

In the area of lending and investing, we need to recognize that if we loaned our $100k retirement money to our new neighbor for 10% simple interest, we would now have better then true market returns (after inflation is replaced with deflation), they would have lower rates and not default their home to the bank to run down our block and we would have the ability to personally know how our investment is doing. The entire community would benefit from that person having their home paid off faster and maybe the businesses would sell them more products. Even school loans, car loans, small business loans and local bond issues could be handled this way if we just modified some of the new online funding sites to fit. The ultimate result of this is that income from just the lending of saved money would become less and less valued. We now lend to our kids with no interest. Depending on how much, we may even lend of a friend or neighbor this way. Without inflation and with our savings holding its value, it is easy to see this extended to lending to a few other groups and that's what fights back the inflation. This model can be extended to the insurance industry as well. Just consider how much money leaves each and every community every year to support far off people who provide what we can actually do locally.

In the areas of technology, we have more than enough people working on them. Most every desire "paid off" solutions is already available today. As you might imagine, they are all game changers in their fields so entrenched opposition is high. Propaganda campaigns, financing scams, government regulations and hoops plus a full suite of other issues have served to hide or discredit them. I'm not talking about water powered cars or ethanol, but real solutions from real teams using real science and business models. The adoption of these technologies would not only eliminate pay-as-you-go expenses but they bring so many benefits in feature and convenience. One only needs to picture getting real content from indie music artists compared to cookie-cutter, society influencing promotions to gain an understanding of what is possible. Now apply that thinking to every industry and you'll find it is easy locate the existing solutions. Again, consider that just the foreign oil industry robs the US of more than $750 Billion each year yet it only provides 60% of our needs. That monetary cost does not begin to show the whole cost.

In the area of government, most everyone already knows they have the power. We are taught this from an early age yet in practice we are deceptively taught that it is impossible to do. All we have to do is to create a tool which makes it possible. Consider, for example, that we have an amendment process to our Constitution. We can gather some people, push something through and create a change. What has stopped that to date has been that we don't have the numbers behind the effort. We need to make our 'tool' into one that finds the single most popular change that's common to all groups, promote it as applying to all groups and rally for action. Just envision the change that would result if we removed Citizens United, money in Congress, corrupt voting, party division, leveraged lending, the revolving door and regulator 'laws' all by decree of the people. This could even be taken to the point where our representatives and their subjects hold genuine and instant personal accountability for their actions for life. The possibilities are endless but they cannot be done through division so we need to keep the scope as narrow as possible.

The hidden factor of all these seemingly lofty goals is one our society has missed. This is critical to understanding how all our groups actually do have the very same common goals for the world. It is what makes some believe that the government should have the ability to offer everything we need and it is what makes others think the people of industry will fix everything themselves. It is also what makes the less than mainstream groups think the people have that capability.

This factor is the advancement of civilization through technology.

In the past, this advancement has brought increased productivity to every industry. While some see this as good, others see it as bad. These conflicting viewpoints stem from either optimism or fear and both are justified. What we need to do is to vigilantly organize against the feared perils while promoting the virtues. It is only this way that we can all unite behind them and benefit from their offerings.

And what does this constant advancement offer? While it offers potentially increased quality and more features, the real benefit it offers is productivity. This productivity has been stolen by those that have gained control through monopolies and oligopolies. This has happened so extremely as to remove even more of our laborious fruits than we had over recent centuries. We must turn this around and united, we can. We must use our power to build and grow our new companies under the premise that we own them, we benefit from them and that their sole purpose is not for their existence but to provide "paid off" solutions to us. The basics of this model are what people are referring to when they cite 'the 50's' as the best era for civilization. With a sense of community and and awareness of long term financial balance, we can have what everyone wants. That community comfort which brings along a sense of security and the wealth of stable, locally accountable businesses providing for the needs that people look to them for.

This paper may sound extremist or full of fantasy to some, but the principles in espouses have all been subjected to public, private, expert and novice scrutiny over recent years. It has been critiqued by experts and engineers in various fields and there have been mixed but accepting reviews. The feedback has gone back into the ideas and generated a more complete and workable overall plan. Many of these same experts recognize that certain solutions are personally available to them and can be undertaken literally from their back yard 'grass roots'. This has begun a loose nit consortium which already offers many solutions and which is growing rapidly.

To support this, the people need to recognize its potential and do what they can to support the concept. There are no specific actions needed at this time, but if you feel a calling to create a solution of your own, please consider these principles.

We can make this change and once we do, the history books just may call it civilization's revolution.

Very Sincerely,

Todd McKissick

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Since many of the topics are searching for solutions...

I'm hoping that it's ok to self bump for fresh discussion.

Good Stuff!

I like the way you think.

What you advocate here

is basically ideal Marxist (not Soviet) communism. Two books you URGENTLY need to read:

1. The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose.

2. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. At a bare minimum, read Francisco's "Money speech."

Money is NOT the root of all evil. The root of all evil the belief that some people have rights that others do not. Two prime examples: 1. The belief that some men can have a moral right to rule others. 2. The belief that some people have a moral right to "redistribute" stuff that belongs to someone else. You are infected with both beliefs. Cleanse yourself; you are a danger to yourself and others.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

I'm sorry to say

No where did I even suggest that we should do any forcing by the power of government. I merely suggested that private companies can easily offer each and every solution and if they did so, the free market would be attracted (as in voluntarily), causing the decreed system to whither and fade away.

BTW: I read Atlas Shrugged and deeply used it in creating this proposal. Never heard of the Most Dangerous Superstition, nor do I care to read yet another book that says basically the same stuff this site is based on.

My apologies for not reading

your essay all the way through before commenting. I got as far as this:

The common issue for all is the unequal distribution of money. It is wielded for the creation of the very struts that make up our social ladders. With each person in possession of a fair amount of that control, those social ladders can be replaced by stepping stones to individual balance. People can begin to realize that human nature does not forge all of our social ladders. It is merely the social inadequacies we're presented with that cause their creation. Without those hindrances, the mix of social classes will lose many of their reasons for waging war on each other.(...)

Those with money are not the productive in society. As such, they rely on schemes such as investments, ownership and propaganda for continued income. Without regularly increasing income, their castle will crumble. To accomplish this, they have turned everything in society into a pay-per-month cost.

-- which struck we as mind-bogglingly wrong-headed, and at that point I started skimming rather than paying close attention.

My disagreement is with your analysis of the source of the problem. You think it's WHO has the money that's a problem. I see a deeper problem: the nature of the stuff we're USING for money. Fiat currency has no inherent value, so whoever gets the privilege of issuing the stuff is in the happy position of being able to write his own entitlement to all the wealth of the world. The conspiracy of banksters and governments to do this is near the source of our problems, but the ultimate source goes one step deeper: it is the fact that people accept government's right to write "laws" such as the legal tender statutes. Why do they do that, do you think? Why do they accept "government" as legitimate rulers over every aspect of their lives and dealings with others? Why do they believe that "obeying the law" is always a good thing, and that "criminals" who "break the law" are despicable? Which brings us to the book I recommend you read: The Most Dangerous Superstition. It discusses precisely the reasons why people accept that belief. This isn't stuff you've read anywhere else. Rose is an original thinker. To give you a taste, here and here are two excerpts from the book. Want to make a bet? Buy and read the book. It's just 210 pages. If you find it to be "old news" to you, post a reply to this comment saying so, and I'll send you $30, which is more than double the price of the book. (Yes, I do have your address at #715.)

One further point: I believe you DID mention a method of using government to impose the system you envision, via Constitutional Amendment? Never mind the fact that the people have no effective means of enacting such Amendments -- the whole process is wall-to-wall government.

And one more criticism: you seem to take "money" for granted, assuming that the stuff we use now can be used to implement your strategies? How is that going to work, when they keep printing the stuff, QE to infinity? What good will a 10% return do you, when the currency is on a fast track to achieve parity with toilet paper? Without SOUND money, nothing you've said can possibly work. And all this new community investment is going to come out of "savings"? How many people have savings? It isn't just government that's insolvent; due to the very nature of bank-issued currency (loaned into existence, at interest) on balance, the whole country (world?) is insolvent.

Cheers. Let me know if you're up for that bet.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Solve money and apathy and the rest go away.

I'm guessing you weren't expecting such a long dissertation, but everyone on this site should realize that this is not a 'sound bite' problem. Still, I'll be a brief as possible. Please realize that this is a very abridged version.

I understand where you're coming from, but still disagree. You make two major points and I'll tackle the money one first.

The reality of the situation is that in the depths of the issue, it doesn't matter one bit what we use as money. What matters is that the rules surrounding it apply equally to all involved. Since we can't seem to get control of how money is created, we assume that making fiat dollars tied to gold or even a basket of commodities is the only way to end the inflation games. Even the interest / usury issue is one where we look to abstract solutions because we can't solve the root problem. This is wrong headed thinking. To show you why and how, I'll first set up a mini society as an example. I'm keeping it brief, so stick to macro general principles for now, ok?

If a dozen people lived on an island and decided that time spent should be allowed to be saved for future use in barter, then the obvious solution would be to implement some form of money to keep score. When the very first transaction took place, by necessity, it would be one of debt. Bob would thatch Joe's roof and Joe would owe him for some trade imbalance against this labor. Joe would sign a napkin and give it value (promissory note) equal to the agreement. Bob could then trade that as an object of value like any other. When it returned to Joe, he would be forced to trade it for something of inherent value but would be getting something in return that he did not value in the days before money. He can then choose to retire it to clear his debt. We'll call this (A).

Method (B): By allowing the Island (capital "I", aka recognized as an authorized group now) to create money, that entity now needs some income for overhead or a deemed service to be used as a method of injecting its new money into the population. This is unfair to those who have created real value so the net result is that the people constantly lose value to whomever is given the privilege of printing it or whomever is placed in charge.

If the Island deems (by whatever method - addressed below) that it provides worthy services, this could possibly be used to balance the debt incurred by the people, as long as that process was acceptable to all the people.

Another method (C) is to use some material object (like gold of shells) with an intrinsic value as money. This now requires labor to 'create' or mine the money, which then balances the debt out. As such, the value of the money now is variable and market derived so as to keep the miner working at a rate equivalent to the average person.

The last method (D) is similar to playing monopoly. Each time round the board, you collect money and you can choose to use it however you wish. As in the game, this system is highly inflationary because we all know that the longer the game is played, the more money is in play so fortunes are won and lost much easier. It's basically the opposite of option B.

In our society, we currently use a compilation of methods A, B and C. The problem is that we don't implement any of the balances to correct the issues each has. In each case, the method chosen could easily work well and without problems but we failed in the implementation. So here we are decades or centuries after beginning these endeavors and we find it daunting to retroactively correct the errors. As such, many people simply determine that we should restart the game to make things equal once again. But this is hardly fair to those who played by the rules and amassed the highest volumes of wealth.

What I'm proposing is a way that the people of the island (or our society) can relegate money to constantly decreasing significance. If you have watched the Zeitgeist movies, then you're familiar with their supposition that the scarcity of money is the problem. Not withstanding their other suggestions on social control, this one concept is a major branch of the main problem. Unfortunately, it isn't allowed to be discussed because the alternative (assumed as the printing of tons of money) is hyper-inflationary. This is where the free market swoops in to save the day.

If we recognize that the technology advancements of the last century have vastly increased the total wealth of all people, it's easy to see that each person 'should' have more. All we have to do is to find a method of balancing those who now monopolize the massive profits. Specifically, we have to return labor its rightful value in the game as opposed to them losing it to the money changers and tech monopolists. I believe this is much easier than any other method of 'fighting the system'. I also believe we can do it without any government sanctioned rule changes and (wait for it...) even without any mass awareness or mass movement.

By using the free market exactly how it was designed, we can entice workers to join on the bandwagon and by virtue of their high numbers, those reliant on earning a living from the creation and transactions of money will quickly lose their fortunes.

One argument against this is that bringing this much wealth to the people will be strongly inflationary. I disagree with this assertion. Sure, in the beginning when the very first company begins to pay employees multiples of the 'normal' wage, it will drive local prices up, but there is a deeper balance to that problem. When people still have to work for their income, they will always seek out savings. Once they have purchased all the goodies and toys they want, they will quickly turn to quality. Talk of who has the best gadget will become who got the best value, longest lasting, most features, etc. People will quickly stop hoarding because they no longer live under a system of scarcity. Many other social problems (especially all the charity based ones and wealth related crimes) will fade out in proportion to the increased wealth of the lowest classes. The result of all this is that what people now clamor for government to provide, the people will begin providing without hesitation. Who is going to want to be forced to pay taxes for those newly unneeded services? Not too many.

In case you missed the magic action that caused all this, it was for some people to join together to support a given business as long as that business trades debt (including high pressure marketing) for higher wages and a business model of stability (non-growth).

Why and how would this work, you ask? Well, we the people actually have all the money in circulation (as opposed to stockpiled away like the rich do). We can take it out of the rigged stock market and invest in small, local businesses that hold a single owner or tiny group of owners accountable to us. Everyone involved would make many times more money for their role but Wall St. wouldn't make a dime. (A quick illustration is that when I worked at Gateway computers in '94, the owner's adjusted gross income was 11 times the total of all wages paid under him. Instead of going public and cashing in short term, he could have tripled wages or more and his employees would have all become built in customers and salesmen! Now, the company is struggling to survive.)

Ok, on to the government side. So far, this has all been grass roots but to fix the gov problem, we have to recognize that we are indeed the ultimate authority. To illustrate this, one only needs to envision 99% of the population all focused on making any one rule change. One way or another (see Iceland or Greece), no problem or foe can withstand that power in today's age. You can make all the arcane arguments you want (or choose to let other authors do it for you), but the fact remains that those in power have that power because they use money against us and we choose not to assert our authority. The myriad reasons and interrelations of how that money had grown our apathy become irrelevant if we had a consensus on this fact. I proposed a way to give that money power back to the people and now comes the way to give that knowledge to them as well.

So, to circumvent all the sovereignty proposals and all the political games and even all the propaganda techniques, we only must find a foolproof method of gathering that consensus. Herein lies the hard work. My proposal is that we use the internet to provide a platform where this can happen. If done well, people will migrate to it and make it more of an authority on popular opinion. If it contained all the idiosyncrasies and failsafes we currently use to gather consensus, it will appeal to everyone. If not, it will ultimately fail.

This means that it needs to be free form and open to any subject, like DP, but have ranking and a fact checking functions and then a debate function to determine fact validity and so on. It also needs to tap the intelligence of the individual, not group think and allow people the comfort of safety to freely speak their mind. There are too many other features it needs to list here but suffice it to say that in hundreds of discussions over the last 16 years since public opinion on Perot failed to elect him, these solutions have been refined over and over. Now we're in the age of Web 2.0, cloud computing, HTML5, distributed computing and nearly ubiquitous internet access, everything is easily possible. Hopefully very soon, the budget will finally become available and we'll get to try it.

That in place, how do you think it best to 'fix the government' if we got a consensus? I know your numerous points on consensus well, but I see them differently. We do choose to live in a republic because we value the rule of law above democracy or a dictatorship. We just have to return those laws to the wishes of the people. We also have to remove the incentive for people to vote for laws that will favor them over others. Lastly, we need to show people that involvement can become an easy and productive process once again. Just like the parent who gave up telling the teenager what to do because it became futile, the people need a process where they trust that their actions will have results. This, IMHO, could lead those with real solutions to move them to the forefront and get the necessary changes put in place.

I welcome all questions, comments and critiques. That's how we refine an idea. Cheers.

where did you gather that?


Don't know how I missed this

but it is great food for thought and bump for positive activism.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Jefferson's picture


for later discussion.

Thank you a well thought out attempt at some solutions. I just hope that what you propose can be achieved by peaceful means, because the entities that control the aspects of our life that we want "paid off" are deeply entrenched, and it seems they would rather burn it down rather than relinquish control.

I hope that your ideas get more consideration than they have, and look forward to exploring them with you as I get the time.

Bump 4


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