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Why You Should Quit Politics (And embark on a much more effective path to liberty)

"You’re young, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, you’re zealous for liberty, and in some capacity or another you want to spend your life in the meaningful pursuit of a better world. What do you do with your life? In this article I’m going to argue that if your goal is liberty, electoral politics is the last path you should consider. Then I will suggest a far more exciting, fulfilling, enriching, and – most importantly – effective path to a better, freer world."


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I am here in CO and we have a very active group that is independent of the republican party. This Saturday we are having a lot of local and state candidates being introduced along with free beer and free pig roast. It will also have music and other speakers on matters of liberty. If Ron Paul was the nominee we would be doing this in concert with the GOP. But since they were locked on Romney early on in the primary we have splintered off.